How a Team of Blockchain Veterans Saves Money

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Ever thought that the financial industry is designed to be against you? How many times have you applied for a loan, went out to find investors just to come up with nothing, or even worse, terrible deals? A team of blockchain veterans behind a microfinancing platform aim to solve all of those issues and provide you with the best possible solutions.

What do people get wrong about microfinance?

Finances are the bread and butter of our modern lives, and it’s impossible to live without them. But not everybody is good with them. What are the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to personal finance, as well as corporate?

  • Private investor sales (Ultimately selling the ownership of their companies)
  • Unnecessarily large loans (Taking loans for the sake of taking them, ultimately being left with unnecessarily large amounts)
  • Interest rates through the roof (Ultimately paying more than the loan itself in interest rates)
  • Unsecured platforms for lending and borrowing (Exposing personal information through centralized platforms)

AssetStream, a microfinancing platform, with a team of blockchain veterans, with years of experience dealing with the technology, has created a solution to all of the issues listed above.

How does AssetStream solve these issues with Blockchain?

In order to illustrate the solutions to listed issues, let’s go with another list for better clarification:

  • Private investor sales – solved by introducing a P2P lending platform
  • Unnecessarily large loans – solved by small loan availability (even below $1000)
  • Interest rates through the roof – solved by multiple interest rate options for the borrowers
  • Unsecured platforms for lending and borrowing – solved with the blockchain’s decentralized platform, where only the parties involved can track the transaction.

Due to the speed and efficiency of the blockchain system, the AssetStream platform is able to operate with virtually no or low transaction fees. The introduction of smart contracts for every lender/borrower match helps keep the financial transactions hidden and only available to those involved.

Why should you use AssetStream?

The traditional financial institutions are collapsing under their own weight. One of the primary examples of this is the African Bank, which nearly collapsed in 2014.

Borrowers, who were enjoying lowered criteria for applications, were able to benefit from virtually any loan possibility. However, the unsupervised nature of the bank quickly led to more than half of the borrowers defaulting on their loans. What did this cause?

  • Borrowers lost credit scores and were forced into bankruptcy
  • Lenders lost most of their funds they invested into the bank
  • Company investors were devastated due to the stock price dip

The AssetStream platform is designed to avoid cases like these. By providing very clear criteria on who can apply and who cannot, it is able to filter not only the borrowers but the lenders as well.

The lenders themselves will be in control of who they lend their funds to, adding a lot more transparency to the process. The borrowers will not have to spend time looking for funding options, as the lenders themselves will be responsible for finding them.

Why risk your money when you don’t have to?

The conventional financial platforms are good at sugaring up their offers, by promising large interest rates for the lenders, and on the other page offering lower interest rates for their borrowers.

All of this spirals into a corporate financial mess and does nothing but damage the people involved.

Why take such a massive risk when you don’t have to?

AssetStream does not act as a middleman between the Lender and the borrower. All it does is provide a platform. By dealing with a person directly, both borrowers and lenders can reduce the risk aspect by a significant amount.

There’s no need to waste money when you can save it easily with AssetStream’s blockchain platform.

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