Horizon Protocol Team: Can Universalization Ensure Decentralization?


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The centralization of networks aims to increase efficiency by taking advantage of the economy. Localization processes are done to increase the control and execution of a service. Networks are organized based on localization processes. Thus, the speed and flexibility of networks are also increased. 

The primary purpose of the protocols is always to achieve better. It is also essential to know when to choose decentralized networks. The purpose of centralization steps is to have a single control point. In decentralized systems, on the other hand, control is distributed over many areas so that universalization is achieved. 

Universalization requires adapting to developing technology and adjusting services accordingly. The primary purpose of Horizon Protocol is to develop decentralized systems and reach a much wider area of ​​operation, security, and community-driven operations. Thus, it is possible to provide access to all areas and to perform controls efficiently.

Open shares and crypto money sector entries were made to achieve a decentralized system in Horizon Protocol. With the purchase of cryptocurrencies, everyone will be able to have a say on decisions over time. In addition, responsibility is shared to improve the protocol.

What is the Horizon Protocol?

Horizon Protocol is a differentiated DeFi platform facilitating the creation of synthetic assets that represent the real economy. Synthetic asset creation, asset yield farming, lending, or borrowing transactions are made through the Horizon Protocol. With Horizon Protocol, users will gain access to a host of synthetic assets that represent the real-world economy and synthetic variations of crypto assets. 

Investors gain profits with the volatility of the markets and at the same time provide support for those synthetic assets. The information of everyone involved in the protocol is protected. Horizon Protocol also works using various technologies in the industry such as the Binance ecosystem, Pancake Swap, UniSwap, Chainlink, Band, Phoenix Oracles, Cosmos, Tendermint, PolyNetwork, and Polkadot.

What is the difference between centralization and decentralization?

Centralization and decentralization are two different constructs. These situations are generally encountered in organization, management, and purchasing. In centralization, the planning and decision-making power belongs only to the upper-level management. In decentralized structures, management power and everyone’s influence on a project’s direction are distributed so that every community member has a fair say.

The dissolution of the top management means that the people at the lower level also have a say in the management. The fact that the organizations are the opposite of the management type in a department, unit, or center is explained as decentralization. 

Delegation of authority in an organization helps fast-track decentralization. The primary purpose of Horizon Protocol is to increase performance by being a community-driven project. In addition, the freedom to work is offered to everyone. Horizon Protocol seeks to achieve this through a community governance mechanism called a DAO – more information can be found here.


Horizon Protocol mainly aims to extend the boundaries of the organization. The result is a reduction in the workload on higher levels and a smooth execution of protocols. In decentralized structures, the organization has control over management.

Horizon Protocol continues to work continuously to achieve expansion through decentralization. Among its goals are the extension of communication and its reach in many areas. Through the DAO, every member of the ecosystem contributes, much more efficient results can be obtained in decision-making.You can learn more about Horizon Protocol on Twitter and Telegram here.

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