Hooked Education Launchpad Embarks on a Journey with Its 2nd Project Launch

Hooked Education Launchpad proudly announces the launch of its second project, a significant stride in the Hooked 2.0 vision, which aims to educate and inspire the industry and its users.

The launchpad is not just a platform; it’s a beacon of innovation and a repository of valuable Web3 knowledge, designed to nurture groundbreaking ideas and share them with the world.

Launchpad’s participation: A seamless multi-chain experience

In the second venture, Hooked Education Launchpad has meticulously tailored the allocation process into two distinct segments, ensuring heightened community engagement and participation. The first segment is a nod to our loyal launchpad participants, offering them BRC20 tokens for their continued support and introducing an ERC20 airdrop for the WOM community. The strategic move is designed to deepen our ties with the Ethereum community, tapping into its vast network and capabilities.

The second segment is a testament to our commitment to innovation and community feedback. Participants now have the opportunity to lock $HOOK in the launch pool, reaping rewards in direct proportion to their contribution. In response to valuable community insights, we’ve consciously lowered the entry barriers, democratizing access and inviting a broader spectrum of enthusiasts to partake in the exciting journey.

A significant breakthrough in this launchpad is the introduction of a multi-chain bridge, a feature designed to simplify user participation and minimize entry barriers. The innovative approach allows for the seamless transfer of BRC20 tokens directly to BTC wallets, revolutionizing the transaction process and enhancing the overall user experience. The strategic enhancement is a leap forward in the evolution of Web3 finance, setting new benchmarks in efficiency and asset management.

BRC20 in focus: A commitment to security and fairness

Our unwavering choice of BRC20 tokens for our second project underscores our positive experiences and firm belief in their potential. Known for their simplicity and enhanced security, BRC20 tokens mitigate risks associated with smart contract vulnerabilities and ensure a fair and equitable asset acquisition process.

Moreover, their role in diversifying the Bitcoin network is pivotal, enhancing accounting capabilities and contributing to network fees, a crucial aspect for network security in the face of diminishing block rewards. Our continued preference for BRC20 tokens reaffirms our dedication to fostering a secure, equitable, and sustainable Web3 ecosystem through our fair launch mechanism.

Hooked Launchpad’s 2nd project: Pioneering the SocialFi frontier

The realm of SocialFi is undergoing a transformative phase, redefining social networking by tokenizing social interactions and infusing them with liquidity. Our second project is at the forefront of the revolution, reimagining the way we connect, interact, and transact in the social domain. With a strong emphasis on decentralization, enhanced user privacy, and crypto incentives, the project is not just a tool but a gateway to Web3.

The pioneering platform offers multi-chain functionality, simplifying interactions with DApps and fostering the creation of a multi-chain DID ecosystem, all achievable without the need for a traditional wallet. It’s more than a project; it’s a bridge to the future of Web3, where social networking and decentralized finance converge.

As we launch our second project, Hooked Education Launchpad is not just evolving; it’s revolutionizing the landscape of Web3 and education. Itis a significant leap towards realizing the full potential of Web3, a journey where learning and innovation go hand in hand. We invite you to join us in the quest to redefine social networking and decentralized finance. Together, let’s forge a brighter, interconnected future with Hooked 2.0.


Hooked Education Launchpad’s second project launch is not merely an expansion of its portfolio but a bold step into the future of Web3 and social networking. By integrating innovative multi-chain processes, prioritizing security with BRC20 tokens, and pioneering the SocialFi space, Hooked is setting new standards in the industry. The project is more than a technological advancement; it’s a commitment to empowering and connecting communities, fostering education, and paving the way for a decentralized, interconnected future. As we embrace the new era with Hooked 2.0, we stand at the threshold of a transformative journey, ready to explore the vast potentials of Web3 together.

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