NFTs for good: Hong Kong exhibition merges art and charity


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  • ImpactNFT is a platform for social and charity NFT works in Hong Kong.
  • Earth.org is on a mission to showcase sustainable NFT art worldwide, with proceeds going towards charity and driving positive social change worldwide.

The ImpactNFT Alliance is happy to sponsor an innovative exhibition that highlights the role of art in society. The show’s organizers will be Project-Ark, and the venue will be Soho House from Oct 15th through 24th.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a new and exciting form of digital asset that can benefit all sectors. The upcoming exhibition in Hong Kong plans to showcase the NFTs for good causes. These include providing incentives and giving back at events like Earth Day celebrations. 

The NFTs are rapidly gaining traction. In last week’s auction, an unusual green avatar called Cryptopunk 9997 went for a whopping US$4.3 million. And it looks like investors love it.

The ImpactNFT Exhibition

The Hong Kong NFT exhibition is tiling the way for positive change by focusing on sustainable development. It features digital artworks that spread awareness about climate change. They also show how we can collaborate in finding solutions to the challenge through equal access to knowledge.

One area that the exhibition seeks to help is the European Bison cause. The Bisons are an endangered species, but your help can go a long way in saving them. This exhibition will also host the Genesis Drop, a set of NFTs from Project Ark. The Genesis Drop will showcase how to bring back a new and thriving era for these animals.

Project ARK is changing the art world through the use of blockchain technology. It’s using art to help fund social and environmental projects globally. In doing so, the company plans to create a win-win situation for artists, charities, and allies. All this is to make positive change worldwide.

Modern artworks are available for sale during the exhibition to raise charity money. These artworks originate from some of the most creative artists, including Earth.Org and the sovereign Art Foundation.

NFT Auction for Charity

Moreover, during the exhibition, the South China Morning Post will hold its NFT charity auction. Dubbed Operation Santa Claus, the event seeks to raise funds for local charities. 

The first piece for sale at this year’s event comes from Hong Kong’s Frog King, A legendary visual and performance artist. The piece he named “Newton.” is an art performance that uses high-tech tools like computers and video cameras. It’s also a blend of more traditional creative processes like painting on rice paper interiors.

Besides, Breaking the Chain, a non-profit anti-wildlife trafficking organization, will collaborate with The Nemesis during the exhibition. This collaboration aims at enhancing their outreach and raising awareness of wildlife crime issues. It’ll do so through both traditional media markets as well as through augmented reality gaming.

Blockchain technology is a unique and innovative way of doing things. It has already found usage in financial transactions. One can also use it in many other ways, including pursuing charitable causes.

Edith Muthoni

Edith Muthoni

Edith is an investment writer, trader, and personal finance coach specializing in investments advice around the fintech niche. Her fields of expertise include stocks, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and cryptocurrency investments.

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