Homeworld 3 is Upon Us; When does it launch in your region?

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  • Homeworld 3 payers have been waiting for years for the game’s release.
  • The game is scheduled for launch on May 13th, for standard and deluxe versions of the game, in a simultaneous global launch.
  • Homeworld 3 becomes available today, May 10th, for Fig backers and owners of the Fleet Command and Collector’s Edition versions.

The Homeworld 3 game is arguably one of the most anticipated games this year, scheduled for official release on May 13th. The game has been in development for years, and players are excited about the potentially rich experience of sci-fi strategy games. After waiting for more than two decades, it’s not difficult to hold your horses even longer, for just two more days, for the official release. 

Luckily, Homeworld 3 will be accessible to players, Fig backers, and owners of the Fleet Command and Collector’s Edition versions—Standard and Deluxe versions of the game become officially available on May 13th. 

Today, Homeworld shared crucial information for gamers on X, suggesting gameplay strategies and suggestions to help players navigate the highly advanced game seemingly set in space. The game’s overview suggests it will be a real-time strategy game set in three-dimensional space. Players fight in a war that determines the fate of the galaxy.

As a Homeworld 3 player, you’ll need to protect your mothership, harvest resources, and secure key objectives within the game. The game presents a daunting challenge but equips players with the necessary tools to overcome the challenges. With advanced access available today, here’s the overview trailer for Homeworld 3. 

Video Courtesy of Homeworld 3

Homeworld 3 release times by Regions

Homeworld 3 will officially launch on May 13 for Standard and Deluxe versions of the game. The game is planned to launch simultaneously worldwide, but some players will certainly receive the game before others due to timezone differences. 

Homeworld 3 will be available to players according to this schedule.

Chicago – 1 pm CDT – May 13, New York – 2 pm EDT – May 13, Los Angeles – 11 am PDT – May 13, Rio De Janeiro – 3 pm UTC-3 – May 13, London – 7 pm UTC+1 – May 13, Berlin – 8 pm UTC+2 – May 13, Ankara – 9 pm UTC+3 – May 13, New Delhi – 11:30 pm UTC+5:30 – May 13, Johannesburg – 8 pm UTC+2 – May 13

Beijing – 2 am UTC+8 – May 14, Tokyo – 3 am UTC+9 – May 14, Sydney – 4 am UTC+10 – May 14

Players have waited for Homeworld 3 for a long time, and clearly, as the release date nears, the anxiety heightens even more. Enthusiastic players are looking to get their hands on the “goated” game. Players expect Homeworld 3 to match the standards established by its predecessors all the way from 1999. 

Blackbird Interactive has maintained the critical standards of the game, as evident in Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak and Hardspace: Shipbreaker.

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