Hive Digital purchases 96 Nvidia GPUs to boost its computing operations

Hive Digital

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  • Vancouver-based Hive Digital has recently purchased 96 Nvidia GPUs in a bit to boost its computing operations.
  • Global deployment and operational insights.

Hive Digital, a Vancouver-based company with a focus on bitcoin mining and high-performance computing (HPC), recently disclosed its venture into the realms of artificial intelligence (AI) and HPC technologies. The strategic move involves the acquisition of 96 Nvidia H100 graphics processing units (GPUs). To implement this strategic shift, Hive Digital plans to incorporate these GPUs into a dozen HGX servers, each equipped with eight H100 GPUs featuring SXM connectivity.

Hive Digital ventures into the AI technology sector

This move aims to bolster Hive’s existing GPU division, which currently operates 2,600 GPUs in collaboration with HPC platforms. This addition enables clients to utilize Hive’s Nvidia GPUs for various durations. Frank Holmes, the executive chairman of Hive, highlighted the company’s transition from exclusive crypto-mining to a more diversified strategy encompassing a wide range of GPU applications. Holmes stated that with the company’s proven track record of operating massive fleets of GPUs, it is in an excellent position to be a leader in the AI infrastructure revolution.

He also noted that they have been building Hive’s GPU and AI business unit to be the ultimate AI infrastructure pick-and-shovel play. This strategic decision aligns with a broader trend observed among bitcoin mining companies, as others like Northern Data and Iris Energy have also invested in Nvidia H100 GPUs, specifically targeting the growing generative AI market. The AI industry has witnessed exponential growth since the beginning of 2023, with billions invested and a significant surge in demand for AI technology.

Aydin Kilic, CEO of Hive, shared that the newly acquired GPUs are already operational in locations such as Sweden, Quebec, and Montreal. Discussing the nuances of GPU operation for HPC applications versus crypto mining, Kilic emphasized the distinct requirements. “While crypto mining is about being efficient and ensuring you’re maximizing the use of energy allocated to ASIC hashing, operating GPUs for HPC applications requires a robust and redundant network and energy infrastructure,” he explained.

Global deployment and operational insights

Kilic further highlighted the strategic deployment of the company’s Nvidia GPU fleet. In their Boden data center, approximately 3,000 GPUs have been repurposed for lighter HPC tasks, while others are dedicated to mining GPU-friendly altcoins. This strategic move by Hive Digital underscores the evolving landscape of companies traditionally associated with cryptocurrency mining, as they pivot towards embracing and capitalizing on the growing opportunities in AI and HPC technologies.

The incorporation of Nvidia H100 GPUs into their infrastructure positions Hive as a key player in the AI revolution, leveraging its experience in managing large GPU fleets for diverse applications. As the AI industry continues to expand rapidly, the convergence of expertise from crypto-mining to AI infrastructure becomes a logical progression for companies like Hive Digital. The shift not only aligns with market trends but also showcases the adaptability and forward-thinking approach of these organizations in response to the dynamic technological landscape.

Moreover, the deployment of Nvidia H100 GPUs in various locations emphasizes the global reach and operational capabilities of companies venturing into both crypto-mining and AI. By strategically utilizing these GPUs in specific data centers, companies like Hive aim to optimize their infrastructure for diverse tasks, catering to the demands of both HPC applications and cryptocurrency mining. Hive Digital’s recent acquisition of Nvidia H100 GPUs and its strategic shift towards AI and HPC technologies exemplify a broader trend within the industry.

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