Here is how you can buy Bitcoin in Nigeria through credit card

Bitcoin is currently experiencing a bullish pace, therefore, it is important to look for ways and methods to buy cryptocurrency. Coin-direct presents credit card of cryptocurrency in Nigeria.

Bitcoin has emerged as a vastly famous alternate investment. Usually, it is unpredictable in terms of price movement, but it still shows a monstrous +6000% return of investment (ROI) since its release in 2009.

Buying Bitcoin in Nigeria should not be challenging at all. Coin-direct has made it a suave procedure for the locals to purchase cryptocurrencies by using local currency i.e. Nigerian Naira via multiple payment techniques.

One of them is by using Nigerian credit card disbursements, universal Visa/MasterCard credit card payments, bank transferals, mobile money and VISA QR payments. Also, there is a choice of purchasing BTC from the platform’s marketplace from Nigerian traders.

Method of buying BTCs in Nigeria:

  1. Sign Up/ Log in to your account
  2. navigate to Bitcoin wallet and click the ‘Buy’ button
  3. pick the option ‘New Credit Card (NGN)’ from the drop-down list of options
  4. Enter the cost of BTC you intent to buy in NGN or the Total of BTC and click the ‘Preview Buy’ button to get an estimate about Bitcoin
  5. An estimate will be received soon. Click the ‘confirm’ button before the quote passes on.
  6. You will be sent on to a page to fill in your credit card particulars
  7. After you verify your transaction you will be readdressed to your Coindirect wallet. Soon, your Wallet will be accredited with the BTC you bought.

Bitcoin is one of the many tokens accessible on Coindirect’s credit card. To select a different token, follow the procedure discussed above with your selected cryptocurrency. The credit card processing cost is almost two percent (1.99%) for every NGN.