Here is how Blockchain data computing methods work

The word crypto is literally linked to blockchain technology and if you have tried to look into the technical details of the storage, you would have found that it is very complicated. It is mainly due to the different methods that are used for computing data on the network. Here are two of the major methods of storing data.

P2P-off Chain Storage: This kind of storage works by recording an ‘at the time’ valid record on a decentralized file system, the system is to receive some form of payment for keeping the data. The files are generally recorded on different computing machines using a tag of the file being stored.

On-chain Storage: This type of computing method stores a replica of the file on every block (System) in the chain. This is very expensive and only the data that needs to be present on all the systems are copied this way.

These storage systems can be used to keep records and files that will be accessible to people across the globe some notable examples should be decentralized apps and storing medical records. The data of the apps are kept on the nodes and is easy to access. The data remains there as long as the system is paid to keep it there.

However, to both this incredible storing method there are two major disadvantages. On-chain storage comes at a very high price and off chain storage is usually temporary, while in both the storage deleting data once its validated is technically impossible.