Here is exactly what CZ told the judge in court


  • Binance CEO CZ addressed a U.S. court, expressing his desire to resolve legal issues and clarifying he won’t use his UAE citizenship to avoid extradition.
  • The judge allowed CZ to reside in the UAE while awaiting sentencing, acknowledging his voluntary return to the U.S. to face charges.
  • This court decision is pivotal for CZ and Binance, potentially impacting the future of cryptocurrency regulation and compliance.

Binance‘s founder and former CEO Changpeng Zhao, popularly known as CZ, addressed a U.S. court in a momentous appearance.

Facing legal challenges, CZ expressed his intentions candidly, revealing his unfamiliarity with the judicial process and his eagerness to resolve the ongoing legal issues.

CZ’s Courtroom Confession

In his statement, CZ conveyed a mixture of fear and determination, emphasizing his lack of prior criminal history and his unfamiliarity with court proceedings.

He articulated his respect for the judicial process and his commitment to address and resolve the issues at hand. CZ’s address to the court was not just a legal formality but a personal testament to his character and intentions.

CZ’s sincerity was evident as he spoke about his UAE citizenship. He clarified that he did not intend to use this citizenship as an escape route, indicating his willingness to face the situation head-on.

This statement of accountability and transparency struck a chord with the judge, who acknowledged CZ’s voluntary presence in the U.S. and his apparent desire to solve the problem.

The Judge’s Decision and CZ’s Future

The judge’s response to CZ’s statement was critical. Recognizing the complexity of the situation, the judge regarded CZ’s decision to appear in court voluntarily as a sign of his commitment to resolving the case.

It was a “very close call,” but the judge ultimately decided to allow CZ to reside in the UAE while awaiting sentencing. This decision was contingent on CZ’s assurance to return to the U.S. 14 days prior to his sentencing, demonstrating a balance of trust and legal prudence.

The court’s decision to allow CZ to live in the UAE reflects a nuanced understanding of the situation. It acknowledges the risk involved but also gives weight to CZ’s actions and intentions.

This judicial discretion highlights the legal system’s ability to consider individual circumstances while upholding the law.

CZ’s courtroom appearance and the subsequent decision by the judge mark a pivotal moment in the ongoing legal saga surrounding Binance and its CEO.

The outcome of this case could have significant implications for CZ, Binance, and the broader cryptocurrency industry.

As CZ awaits his sentencing, the crypto community watches closely, recognizing the potential impact of this case on the future of digital asset regulation and compliance.

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