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Here are the top tokens Indians mostly like to trade

most traded cryptocurrencies in india

Although the crypto sphere in India is surrounded by uncertainty, the country still houses a lot of crypto exchanges, and trading is still common in the region.

Recently analysts have collected the data of cryptocurrencies that were most used by the residents in 2019. The statistics include high profile and expected tokens like Bitcoin while some surprising names also made the list.


Not surprisingly, the world’s largest token by market value was one of the most traded coins on Indian exchanges including Wazirx, Coindcx, and Instashift.

On Wazirx, around six and a half million dollars ($6.5m) were traded between the start of 2019 and 7th March. Coindcx traded 792 Bitcoins while the token contributed seventy-seven percent (77%) of Instashift’s buy volume and around sixty-eight percent (68%) of its sell volume. This could be due to the rise in Bitcoin’s price from January this year.


Ethereum was the second and fourth most traded token on Wazirx and Instashift respectively. While the token was not among the most traded tokens on other exchanges the transactions conducted through it worth two million dollars ($2m). The token’s price is $138.01 at the time of writing.


The token was the most traded token on Bitbns while it was the second and third most traded coin on Instashift and Wazirx respectively. The tokens current price is at $0.3160.

TRON and BitTorrent Token (BTT) also made it to the top five most traded tokens in India. TRON registered a trading volume of one and three-quarters of a million dollars ($1.7m) on Wazirx while the same token was traded on the value of 423 Bitcoin on Coindcx.

BTT, on the other hand, is a relatively new cryptocurrency even so it saw huge trade volumes and registered around eight hundred thousand dollars ($800,000) worth of coin on Wazirx.

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