HELLO Labs and Moby Media Forge Web3 Entertainment Partnership

HELLO Labs and Moby Media Forge Web3 Entertainment Partnership

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  • HELLO Labs and Moby Media form a strategic partnership to merge Web3 technology with Hollywood-quality storytelling.
  • The collaboration aims to elevate the “Killer Whales” series and $HELLO token, making Web3 accessible to global audiences.


In an era where the intersection of entertainment and technology is constantly evolving, a groundbreaking collaboration has emerged that promises to redefine the landscape of Web3 media and entertainment. 

HELLO Labs, a visionary media production company, has announced a strategic partnership with Moby Media, setting the stage for an unprecedented fusion of Hollywood-quality storytelling and Web3 innovation. 

Unveiling the Partnership: HELLO Labs and Moby Media

HELLO Labs, known for its pioneering approach to media production in the Web3 space, has joined forces with Moby Media, a leading name in Web3 media, in a strategic media partnership. The collaboration is aimed at catapulting the visibility of HELLO Labs, its groundbreaking “Killer Whales” TV series, and the $HELLO token into the global arena. Leveraging Moby Media’s extensive network and influence, particularly through X Spaces and other platforms, the partnership is poised to bring quality Web3 projects into the limelight, bridging the gap between traditional Web2 audiences and the burgeoning Web3 ecosystem.

“Killer Whales,” a TV series conceptualized by HELLO Labs, stands as a testament to the fusion of Hollywood-grade production values and the innovative spirit of Web3. Spearheaded by industry stalwarts such as Hollywood Producer and Grammy-nominated creative director Paul Caslin, alongside Entertainment and Marketing expert Sander Gortjes, “Killer Whales” is more than just entertainment; it’s a mission to merge the narratives of Web2 and Web3, making the latter accessible and engaging for a global audience.

A synergy of visionaries: The minds behind the mission

The partnership between HELLO Labs and Moby Media is not just a business collaboration; it’s a meeting of minds and visions. At the helm of HELLO Labs is Paul Caslin, a renowned figure in the entertainment industry, whose expertise in creating compelling narratives is now being channeled into the Web3 realm. Alongside him, Sander Gortjes brings a wealth of experience in entertainment and marketing, ensuring that “Killer Whales” resonates with audiences across both Web2 and Web3 platforms.

Moby Media enters the partnership as the official media ally, bringing its significant reach and expertise to the table. With a history of covering the nexus of FinTech, Web3, AI, and gaming, Moby Media is perfectly positioned to amplify the stories and innovations emerging from HELLO Labs. Through dedicated coverage on X Spaces and other channels, Moby Media will spotlight the episodes of “Killer Whales,” provide insights into the $HELLO token, and offer project participants a platform to share their journey.

Bridging worlds: The impact on Web3 and beyond

The collaboration between HELLO Labs and Moby Media represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of Web3 media and entertainment. By combining the narrative depth of Hollywood with the technological innovation of Web3, the partnership aims to create a new paradigm for storytelling and audience engagement. The “Killer Whales” series, with its high-quality production and Web3 integration, serves as a flagship project for the vision, showcasing the potential for immersive and interactive entertainment experiences.

Moreover, the partnership is set to play a crucial role in demystifying Web3 for the broader public. Through educational content, engaging storytelling, and transparent communication, HELLO Labs and Moby Media are committed to making Web3 accessible and appealing to a global audience. The initiative not only promises to attract a new wave of enthusiasts into the Web3 space but also fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of the technological and creative possibilities that it holds.


The alliance between HELLO Labs and Moby Media stands as a beacon of innovation, bridging the gap between the established world of entertainment and the frontier of Web3. As the partnership unfolds, it promises to usher in a new era of media production, where stories are not just told but experienced, and where audiences are not just viewers but active participants in the narrative. 

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