Helldivers 2 Receives Significant Patch for Enhanced Stability and Connectivity


  • Helldivers 2 receives a major patch, fixing crashes and connection issues for smoother gameplay.
  • Patch 01.000.006 from Arrowhead Studios enhances Helldivers 2 stability, resolving startup crashes and mission disconnects.
  • After the latest update, players on PC and PS5 can now enjoy improved gameplay and matchmaking in Helldivers 2.

Arrowhead Game Studios has swiftly responded to player feedback by releasing Patch 01.000.006 for Helldivers 2, a multiplayer shooter renowned for its intense cooperative gameplay. 

Launched on February 8, the game encountered several connectivity issues and matchmaking bugs, prompting the studio to address these concerns promptly. The latest patch, deployed on PC and PlayStation 5 as of February 14, aims to enhance game stability and rectify prevalent connection problems.

Patch highlights

The primary focus of Patch 01.000.006 revolves around augmenting the overall stability of Helldivers 2 while concurrently resolving connectivity and disconnect issues. Notable improvements include backend enhancements to reduce the likelihood of disconnecting during missions. 

Additionally, preparations have been made for forthcoming server matchmaking improvements, promising an optimized multiplayer experience.

Critical fixes implemented

The patch addresses various critical issues reported by players since the game’s release. Notable fixes include the resolution of crashes occurring during the application’s startup and extraction cutscenes. 

Moreover, a bug causing crashes due to excessive friends in user profiles has been rectified, ensuring a smoother gaming experience for all players. The patch also eliminates crashes related to disconnecting during the joining cutscene, further stabilizing the gameplay environment.

One of the significant enhancements introduced with Patch 01.000.006 is the improved stability during gameplay. Players will no longer experience crashes when using specific in-game features such as aiming down sights (ADS). 

Furthermore, the patch addresses instabilities in-game data packing, reducing patch sizes and more efficient performance.

Improved backend connectivity

Arrowhead Game Studios has implemented backend connectivity improvements to mitigate the occurrence of disconnections during missions. This enhancement assures players of a more seamless cooperative experience, allowing them to engage in intense battles without interruptions caused by connectivity issues.

Optimized matchmaking experience

In addition to stability and connectivity enhancements, the patch aims to improve the overall matchmaking experience for players. Addressing underlying matchmaking issues significantly increases the likelihood of successful matchmaking, fostering a more engaging and dynamic multiplayer environment.

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