HackerOne Launches AI Co-pilot Hai to Enhance Vulnerability Response


  • HackerOne introduces Hai, an AI co-pilot, to enhance vulnerability response times.
  • Hai simplifies complex vulnerability reports, providing personalized advice for rectification.
  • HackerOne expands its AI Red Teaming service to stress-test deployments with human creativity and AI efficiency.

In a significant development within the cybersecurity industry, HackerOne, a leading global security company, has announced the beta launch of its innovative artificial intelligence (AI) co-pilot, dubbed Hai. This cutting-edge technology is designed to revolutionize the way organizations approach vulnerability response times, aiming to streamline and enhance the efficiency of vulnerability management processes.

HackerOne to reshape vulnerability management with AI

Hai represents a pivotal advancement in bridging the gap between the complexity of technical vulnerability reports and the need for clear, understandable explanations for customers. By translating intricate reports into easily digestible content, Hai serves not just as a tool for simplification but as a means to empower organizations in their cybersecurity efforts. The AI co-pilot also offers the capability to create customizable templates, significantly improving the consistency of Nuclei scanner outputs. This feature is instrumental in providing personalized advice for the remediation of vulnerabilities, thereby optimizing the workflow within HackerOne’s ecosystem and setting new industry standards for response times.

The introduction of Hai is poised to deliver a host of benefits to customers, including the ability to synthesize complex vulnerability data, generate Nuclei templates with ease, provide tailored remediation advice, and enhance communication with hackers. These features collectively contribute to a more efficient and effective vulnerability management process, enabling organizations to address security threats with unprecedented speed and precision.

Testimonials highlighting Hai’s impact

The effectiveness of Hai has already been evidenced by the positive feedback from industry leaders. Alexander Hagenah, Head of Cyber Controls at Six Group, lauded Hai for significantly reducing the time his team spends on analyzing bug reports and crafting responses. Similarly, a Vice President of Cybersecurity at a Fortune 500 Real Estate Services and Investment Firm praised Hai for its ability to translate complex vulnerability findings into actionable remediation advice, thereby bridging the technical communication gap and enhancing the overall value of their HackerOne program.

Expanding the horizons with AI red teaming

In conjunction with the launch of Hai, HackerOne has expanded its AI Red Teaming service. This initiative allows HackerOne’s selected community of hackers to assist customers in developing and refining their tools and features through comprehensive stress testing in a secure environment. By blending human creativity with the efficiency of GenAI, HackerOne’s AI red teaming aims to unlock the full potential of AI for businesses, ensuring robust security measures are in place.

The collaboration with Snap Inc. to test its new AI-powered features underscores the importance of such initiatives. Through adversarial testing, HackerOne has helped ensure that Snap Inc.’s deployments are monitored for not only expected user behavior issues but also for potential flaws in the models themselves. This proactive approach to security is crucial in safeguarding against the emergence of inappropriate content resulting from vulnerabilities.

Michiel Prins, Co-Founder and Senior Director of Product Development at HackerOne emphasized that the current innovations are just the beginning of what AI can achieve in the realm of cybersecurity. He highlighted the indispensable role of human input in the success of AI solutions and deployments, underscoring the synergy between technological advancements and human expertise.

As organizations continue to face an ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, the introduction of tools like Hai and the expansion of services such as AI Red Teaming represent significant strides toward enhancing cybersecurity measures. By leveraging AI to improve vulnerability response times and bolster security protocols, HackerOne is setting new benchmarks for the industry and paving the way for a more secure digital future.

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