Hackers exploit WonderHero NFT game, WND plummets 50%

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  • A hacker has broken into WonderHero, a well-known multi-platform GameFi for iOS and Android devices that is thought to be a hack with a private key.
  • The WND token’s value plummeted by 50% After the information leaked.
  • PeekShield, a top-tier cybersecurity firm, informed the WonderHero team about the breach, which is thought to be the biggest hack in the P2E market.

WonderHero, a well-known multi-platform GameFi for iOS and Android devices, has been hacked. The WND token’s value plummeted by 50% after the information surfaced publicly. The breach was discovered by PeekShield, a top-tier cybersecurity firm, according to the WonderHero team. This is thought to be the biggest hack in the P2E market. The team is conducting an investigation, but it appears that someone compromised the private keys of WonderHero’s main wallet. WND price immediately lost value to an all-time low of $0.36.

WonderHero game hacked, WND value immediately drop by 50%

The WonderHero game is built on the Ethereum blockchain and allows players to collect, trade, and battle with digital heroes. Despite the numerous security precautions urged throughout the market, hackers have continued to wreak havoc in the cryptocurrency sector. In the most recent news today, 80 million WND ($30 million by press time) was swapped over from the WonderHero mobile play-to-earn game contract. PeckShield, a major cybersecurity firm, noticed this.

The team is currently investigating the hack, but it appears that someone has compromised the private keys of WonderHero’s main wallet. The perpetrators then spammed the Pancake Swap (KAKE) dex with the stolen tokens, exchanging them for over 70 Binance coins (BNB). The game’s staff quickly took down the website and prohibited all in-game liquidity operations. It also requested supporters to wait until further notice before trading WND.

A private key leak, the biggest hack on the P2E platform?

According to the mode of operation, CertiK security firm believes that the hacker may have obtained a copy of the WonderHero platform’s seed phrase through a phishing attack. With this information, they were able to get hold of the private keys and subsequently control all the user’s wallets. It is speculated that this is one of the largest hacks on a P2E platform with such a scale alongside the most recent attack reported that involved the Blockchain project, Ronin which was attacked, and $ 615 Million was extracted, according to the statement from inside. As a result, convicts were able to produce fresh records in the DeFi and GameFi regions in less than a week.

This event marks a turning point for many in the industry as it seems that even the most well-protected projects are not safe from attack. The WND price has taken a severe hit, but it is still yet to be seen how the team will react and what this means for the future of WonderHero.

This means that the most devastating attack of this play-to-earn crypto games category thus far has occurred. The most recent hack of this kind befell the Bored Ape Yacht Club, which was hacked by an unknown hacker who was able to compromise the Discord servers. The hacker is believed to have gotten hold of the club’s Discord token, whereby the stolen funds were distributed in the market. Since 2021 crypto thefts have increased with the hackers targeting the blockchain platforms.

The hacks have been facilitated by the growth of DeFi protocols which offer liquidity to the hackers. The most significant assault in the third quarter of 2021 was when Poly Network, a DeFi firm, lost approximately $600 million, with much of it being reimbursed after police surrounded the intruders. In 2018, an Asian crypto firm Coincheck had a billion-dollar heist, but the criminals provided no restitution.

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