Hacked Facebook accounts are spamming Bitfinex, in favour

A Bitfinex article posted on Facebook has received a lot of comments supporting Bitfinex by overstating the situation. Reportedly, hacked accounts have been used to create hundreds of comments.

The article had almost 5000 views and did not gain much speculation, however, the post received more than a hundred comments all of which favored Bitfinex while some went on to say that the article was “gossip”.

Tricia Wands, a Facebook user that apparently commented on the post, replied to her comment by saying that the original comment was not made by her. This may be true considering the original comment was made at 10 AM London time while the user would have been asleep in Canada. She cleared the situation as soon as she woke up.

However, this does not end here as speculation rises that all of the comments were hacked. There is a good reason to believe so considering that one user claimed the phenomenon while the majority of people that commented on the post appeared to be not cryptonians at all. Moreover, the users that commented on the post did not actually add on the page views i.e. the article was never opened.

This leads us to conclude that the users were hacked to manipulate social media. While social media manipulation has been talked over in recent years, usually the influence was restricted to small levels.

Considering that, these many accounts were hacked to comment on a mere post how many comments on some of these other articles are actually accurate and what do we believe? It is important for social networking websites to protect the accounts of their users while the users must be careful when opening links and should know not to disclose their passwords.