GTA VI to Have Console-First Release, Leaving PC Players in Limbo


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  • GTA VI launches on consoles first, leaving PC gamers in a wait-or-spoiler dilemma.
  • PC players consider buying consoles on release day or battling story spoilers.
  • Some plan to get both console and PC versions for modding fun.

Rockstar Games’ highly anticipated title, Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI), has generated immense excitement among gamers worldwide. Following its record-breaking trailer last December, fans have been eagerly awaiting the game’s launch. 

While Rockstar Games has confirmed a release window of 2025, it has not yet provided a specific launch date, fueling speculation about when players can get their hands on this much-anticipated masterpiece.

GTA VI console-first release

As per the pattern established by previous Rockstar Games releases, it appears that GTA VI will follow suit, debuting on consoles before making its way to the PC platform. This news disappoints PC gamers, who may wait long before enjoying the game. 

Those who prefer gaming exclusively on PC must either purchase a console or brace themselves for an extended period of dodging spoilers.

The PC gaming community has been abuzz with discussions about the console-first release strategy for GTA VI. A Reddit post inquiring about PC players’ plans after the console launch has garnered significant attention. 

Players have expressed two primary options: purchasing a console to play the game or attempting to avoid story and gameplay spoilers for an extended period.

Console purchase considerations

Many PC players are contemplating acquiring an Xbox Series X/S or PlayStation 5 to ensure they don’t miss out on GTA VI when it initially launches. Some players have voiced their commitment to obtaining a console on the day the game releases, emphasizing their eagerness to dive into the game without delay.

One PC player stated, “I’m a PC player, but I’ll get a PS5 the same day GTA VI releases, lol.” Another added, “I’d be foolish to wait for the PC release. I’m getting a PS5 as soon as an official release date is announced.”

For PC gamers choosing to wait for the PC version, the challenge lies in avoiding spoilers likely to flood the internet and gaming communities during the initial console release. Given the enthusiasm surrounding GTA VI, keeping the storyline and gameplay details under wraps may be nearly impossible.

Dual version strategy

Some players have decided to take matters into their own hands by planning to purchase both the console and PC versions of GTA VI. Their intent is to fully immerse themselves in the game experience and, in the case of the PC version, leverage the modding capabilities to enhance gameplay, much like they did with GTA V.

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