Greenfield restaurant expresses plans to accept crypto

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• The restaurant in Italy believes that it is time to accept cryptos as payment.
• Greenfield could use Bitcoin as its primary payment currency.

Trade with cryptocurrencies reaches various parts of the world, becoming part of the solutions for companies and even gastronomic chains. Recently, the Greenfield restaurant in Italy announced that it plans to accept cryptos as payment. With these renovations, the food place is accepting new virtual technologies focused on using Bitcoins as payment.

As clarified by its manager, Justin Marcelini, cryptocurrencies as payment are among the main options they will use. Marcelini also believes this exploration into the crypto market is convenient for his new developments.

Greenfield in Italy plans to accept crypto trading


With more than a decade in progress, Bitcoin, as the main cryptocurrency in the virtual market, has been accepted in several commercial premises where Greenfield enters. The restaurant wants to accept cryptos as payment after a meticulous survey on social networks. According to Justin Marcelini, the restaurant manager, the survey conducted on Facebook succeeded because it was based on if they accepted cryptos as payment.

Marcelini confesses that over 40 percent of the people who participated in the research are eager to pay cryptos. In comparison, another 40 percent do not want to use them. But 20 percent of those surveyed are not sure how cryptos are used.

Some Greenfield restaurant clients indicate that they belong to the older generation who have not adapted to crypto trading. However, they could use the cryptos in the restaurant if solutions are provided for their correct use.

Although Greenfield continues to ponder formalizing this new payment method, its manager has clarified that alternatives such as payments in TDC, electronic wallets, and checks will still be active.

Crypto payments solve payment fees

Jack Ji, an American broker who supports new financial technologies, suggests that cryptocurrencies belong to a rather complex technology that for newbies can be intimidating. However, Ji believes that cryptos are indispensable for people and companies globally because of the payment solutions. Cryptos offer low payment fees. Even the figure can be around 0, depending on the virtual platform they use.

Greenfield also seeks to take advantage of the simplicity of processing crypto payments. Marcelini believes that the restaurant is on the right track by stepping towards new financial technologies. The restaurant manager believes that cryptos are part of a prosperous financial future.

Meanwhile, the crypto market is currently moving upwards as Bitcoin is trading at $59,129 at the time of writing. The leading cryptocurrency has risen in value by over 3 percent in the last 24 hours.

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