Great Sword: Craft and Upgrade Your Weapon in Monster Hunter World  


  • Craft the Defender Great Sword in Monster Hunter World using one Iron Ore and 600 Zenni, a budget-friendly option for quick power.
  • Upgrade it by spending Anjanth Scales and other materials, boosting its damage from Rarity 1 to Rarity 7, making it a formidable weapon.
  • With a maxed-out Defender Great Sword, you’ll breeze through the game’s challenges, perfect for players new or experienced in the Monster Hunter world.

​​Prior to the introduction of the Iceborne expansion, Monster Hunter World introduced weapons such as the Defender Great Sword to enhance damage output swiftly. Let’s discover how to craft the sword and upgrade it.

Crafting the Defender Great Sword

In the world of Monster Hunter, power lies in the weapon you wield. One such formidable weapon is the Defender Great Sword, designed to give you a quick damage boost. Crafting it is a straightforward process:

1. Visit the Smithy Vendor: To craft the Defender Great Sword, visit the Smithy vendor. You’ll need just one Iron Ore to get started.

2. Forge Weapons: Select the “Forge Weapons” option under the equipment tab.

3. Defender Great Sword: Find the Defender Great Sword at the top of the list of craftable weapons. 

4. Cost: To forge this mighty weapon, you’ll require 600 Zenni in addition to the one Iron Ore.

Compared to many weapons in MHW (Monster Hunter World), the Defender set offers an easy and affordable option. This budget-friendly weapon will help you power through the main MHW story so you can dive into the Iceborne expansion quickly. But, as with any game, grinding lies ahead.

Upgrading the Defender Great Sword

Upgrading the Defender Great Sword is crucial to maximizing its potential. You can begin this journey by speaking to the Smithy:

1. Visit the Smithy: Speak to the Smithy and locate the Defender Tree.

2. Spend an Anjanth Scale: To initiate the upgrade, spend an Anjanth Scale, which will boost the sword’s rarity to level 3, providing 816 damage.

3. Keep Climbing Rarity Levels: Continue upgrading, and the Defender Great Sword can reach up to Rarity 7. Below is the complete upgrade list:

  • Rarity 1 (Craft): 1 Iron Ore and 600z
  • Rarity 3: 1 Anjanath Scale and 1,000z
  • Rarity 5: 1 Commendation and 3,000z
  • Rarity 6: Pink Rathian Scale+ and 6,000z
  • Rarity 7: 1 Immortal Dragonscale and 10,000z

The final upgrade takes the weapon to an impressive 1,056 base damage and adds 390 blast damage to your arsenal. With these upgrades, you’ll find yourself breezing through the base game content. However, if you’re new to the game, consider taking your time and savoring the experience.

The Defender Great Sword in Monster Hunter World offers a powerful and cost-effective option for hunters aiming to progress quickly through the game. Crafting and upgrading it is a simple process, making it an ideal choice for those looking to reach the Iceborne expansion content sooner. With a few upgrades, this sword becomes a formidable tool, ready to take on any monster that stands in your way. Whether you’re a veteran hunter or new to the game, the Defender Great Sword is a valuable asset to have in your arsenal. Happy hunting!

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