Grayscale Investments raised $600M in 2019

Grayscale Investments raised M in

Grayscale Investments raised six hundred million dollars ($600M) in 2019 as per the company’s latest official investment report. Such numbers are no surprise given that Grayscale Investments is the biggest digital asset investment firm in the world. A significant portion of this massive funding has come from large institutional investors.

The company focuses on digital asset diversification and related services. Its investment base has witnessed a growth of twenty-four percent (24%) in the past year and currently stands at one hundred forty-six million dollars ($146.9M). The remaining four hundred sixty million dollars ($460.8M) has been contributed by the company’s current investors, many of whom have diversified their portfolios to include Grayscale’s investment products.

Grayscale Investments becomes a beacon of hope

The year 2019 wasn’t particularly good for the crypto industry. Most cryptocurrencies were in loss or barely sustained their price rise. Considering the doom and gloom in the industry, Grayscale Investments has performed exceedingly well. The impressive investment amount it has attracted reflects that investors do love good crypto products that promise high returns.

The success of Grayscale investments also shows that the future of digital assets is bright. The company delivers instant market information, digital asset diversification, and investment exposure through a range of class-leading digital assets. Their digital asset management services cater to a host of high-end institutional players.

2020 will be a game-changer for Grayscale Investments

The company performed phenomenally well in 2019. With an excellent track record, the firm is all set to welcome 2020 with high hopes. Ith six hundred million dollars ($607.7M) in its kitty, it will be looking to raise its game this year. Around seventy-one percent (71%) of their new investment comes from giant institutional players.

As per Grayscale Investments 2019 Q4 Performance and Risk Report, the past year has been decently successful. Market volatility was comparatively less in the third quarter. Most of their products delivered negative returns. However, Grayscale horizon Trust delivered an impressive one hundred forty percent (140%) return in 2019, thereby proving that the world is still very much interested in the digital asset class.

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