Tech giant Google under siege: Monopoly trial looms

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  • A US federal judge has ruled that Google must face trial for allegedly suppressing internet search competition; the trial begins September 12.
  • The central claim of the Department of Justice’s lawsuit, that the company’s exclusive arrangements violate US monopoly laws, will proceed to trial.
  • Some claims were dismissed, including those related to Google Assistant and compatibility with Android devices, as well as claims brought by Colorado.

The tables are turning against the tech titan, as Google braces itself for a courtroom battle with the US government. A federal judge’s recent decision has ensured that Google will face a trial next month, accused of suppressing competition for internet search.

The monumental case, even in its narrowed form, marks a critical juncture in the ongoing scrutiny of Big Tech’s dominance.

A Hard Fought Victory for the Department of Justice

The Department of Justice’s (DoJ) antitrust unit has achieved a significant victory in its pursuit to hold Google accountable for alleged monopolistic practices.

US District Judge Amit Mehta’s ruling allows the central claim of the lawsuit, that Google’s exclusive arrangements in internet search violate US monopoly laws, to proceed to trial.

Judge Mehta’s decision underscores the rejuvenated vigor with which the DoJ’s antitrust unit, led by Jonathan Kanter, is challenging Big Tech.

While some claims were dismissed, including those relating to Google Assistant and Android device compatibility, the judge’s ruling represents a steadfast commitment to enforcing antitrust scrutiny in a sector that has expanded exponentially without proper oversight.

Google’s dominance over internet search is not a matter to be brushed aside. Its control over how we access information, who gets visibility, and who remains hidden has wide-reaching implications for consumers, businesses, and the very essence of free competition.

Colorado’s Claims Dismissed, But Google’s Troubles Remain

Not all went against Google in the recent ruling. The judge accepted the company’s request to throw out some claims, including those brought by the state of Colorado.

Colorado’s allegations that Google’s treatment of specific sector-focused internet companies like Expedia and OpenTable had anti-competitive effects were dismissed.

Nevertheless, Google’s battle is far from over. The dismissal of some claims doesn’t diminish the gravity of the trial that awaits. The company must still defend its core search business practices, proving that promoting and distributing its services is both legal and pro-competitive.

And Google’s legal woes don’t end there. It remains the target of a separate antitrust case filed by the DoJ in January, accusing the tech giant of monopolistic control over the digital advertising market.

The rejection of these allegations merely highlights the mounting challenges it faces in a legal landscape that is increasingly hostile to perceived Big Tech overreach.

The impending trial against Google is more than just a legal skirmish; it is a statement, a declaration that the era of unbridled Big Tech expansion may be coming to an end.

The firm stance taken by the Department of Justice sends a clear message that it’s not business as usual for technology giants.

As the trial date of September 12 approaches, the eyes of the world will be on this monumental case. The outcome has the potential to reshape the digital landscape, setting new standards and possibly introducing new regulatory frameworks.

Google’s stronghold over internet search has gone unchallenged for far too long. It’s high time that tough questions are asked and even tougher actions taken.

The upcoming trial is more than a legal procedure; it’s a reckoning for an industry that has been operating without adequate checks and balances.

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