Google Maps Gets a Major Update with AI-Powered Features


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  • Google Maps undergoes a transformative update with AI-driven features like ‘Immersive View.’
  • Wearable tech takes center stage with the upcoming launch of the Humane AI Pin.
  • Apple commits to AI development, preparing to introduce AI features in iOS 18.

Google is rolling out a significant update to its popular Maps application, featuring a range of AI-powered features. Among the highlights is the ‘Immersive View for Routes’ feature, which allows users to explore famous landmarks and restaurants in 3D under different conditions, thanks to the fusion of billions of Street Views and aerial images using AI.

Gradual rollout

The ‘Immersive View for Routes’ feature is gradually becoming available to users in various cities, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, New York, Tokyo, and more. Both Android and iOS users can enjoy this immersive experience.

Enhanced navigation

Google Maps now offers turn-by-turn traffic views, providing valuable real-time information for daily commuters. The new ‘Immersive View’ button in the map interface allows users to access this feature easily.

Google lens integration

Google Lens is making its way into Maps with a feature now called ‘Search with Live View.’ This feature enhances users’ exploration by providing AI-driven information about nearby points of interest when they point their cameras at specific areas. It operates in 50 new cities, including Austin, Las Vegas, and Rome.

Realistic navigation

Navigation on Google Maps is getting a facelift with improved details, realistic buildings, lane specifics on highways, and HOV lane information in the US. Additionally, European users will benefit from AI-powered speed-limit information.

EV charging information

For electric vehicle (EV) owners, Google Maps simplifies the search for charging stations. Users can now see which chargers are compatible with their vehicle, whether a station offers fast charging, and when it was last used.

Visual search and fact-checking

Google is also introducing visual search functionality powered by AI. Users in France, Germany, Japan, the U.K., and the U.S. can access this feature. Additionally, Google is addressing misinformation on the internet by providing tools to fact-check images, such as the ‘About This Image’ tool, which is now globally available to English-speaking users.

The future of wearable tech

Humane, a startup founded by former Apple employees, is set to unveil the Humane AI Pin, a wearable device powered by generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). The AI Pin can scan food ingredients, translate languages, and project screens on users’ hands. Its launch is scheduled for November 9, 2023.

Samsung’s Galaxy ring

Samsung is developing the Galaxy Ring, a unique wearable that can be worn like a ring. It offers health, fitness, and sleep tracking, providing an alternative to traditional fitness bands and smartwatches. Reports suggest it may launch in January 2024.

AI Features in iOS 18

Apple reportedly plans to introduce AI and Generative AI features in iOS 18. These features include improved message reply suggestions, AI-generated Apple Music playlists, and enhanced Siri capabilities. Apple is also investing significantly in AI development, with a budget of $1 billion annually.

The latest Google Maps update brings AI-powered enhancements to navigation and exploration, while wearable technology continues to evolve with innovations like the Humane AI Pin and Samsung’s Galaxy Ring. Apple’s plans to integrate AI features into iOS 18 signal a broader trend in tech toward harnessing artificial intelligence to enhance user experiences.

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