Google Cloud announces Blockchain Node Engine for Web3 development


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  • Google Cloud announced to update of the blockchain Engine Node
  • Blockchain and Google Cloud share a history
  • The system will help to secure data and make it faster

Over the past decade, the blockchain has gained so much that companies like Tesla, Micro strategies, and Meta are now in a race to take advantage of this technology. It has provided services to thousands of cryptocurrencies over the years, and they are growing day by day. According to Google Cloud’s official website, the Blockchain has more than 38 million accounts in 140 countries worldwide.

It all started with Bitcoin, but later on, it became the leading crypto company by providing Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Stellar Lumens services. These cryptocurrencies need to be secure, and their need to be maintained. This is very challenging, and to cope with this challenge, the blockchain takes help from Google Cloud.

History of Google Cloud and Blockchain

Security is the first priority of the blockchain, and Google Cloud is considered to be the best in this regard. According to the Blockchain’s Head of Platform Engineering, “Security is our number one priority. Google Cloud goes above and beyond to protect data, infrastructure, and services from external threats, while internally, the permission model integrated with Google Workspace gives granular control over access rights.”

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Google Cloud and Blockchain have been working in collaboration from the very beginning, and Google Cloud is updating the system to prepare it for a more dynamic market. On 27 October 2022, Google Cloud announced to update of the system into Blockchain Node Engine.

Blockchain Node Engine

The data that is shared on Blockchain is permanently stored and encrypted through a node. This node is either computer, laptop, or server that has the full copy of transaction history. This node is peer-to-peer that exchange data.

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These nodes need to be managed, and it is very difficult to manage each node. However, the Blockchain Node Engine is unlike the rest, it is fully managed to host service, which will minimize the need for node operations. All those companies having nodes can rely on this system, and it will provide reliability, performance, and security.

Benefits of Node Engine

Ethereum would be the first to use this system, and the rest will follow suit. Following are some benefits companies would enjoy from this Google Cloud Node Engine.

Streamlined provisioning

Manually node is time-consuming, and you will have to wait hours for a node to sync with the network. However, Google Cloud’s Node Engine allows the developers to deploy nodes in a single operation, thus making the process easier and faster.

Secure development

Security of the data is very important in the crypto world. The Engine Node will help the developers to secure their data and not let any unauthorized access to the nodes. Furthermore, Google Cloud, like Cloud Armor, protects the nodes from DDoS attacks.

Fully managed operations

The Google Cloud Engine Node is a fully managed system by an authorized team. During an outage, the team will manage the system, and you will not have to worry about availability. During an outage, nodes are needed to be restarted and monitored, the team will do that for you.


According to the Google Cloud official website, this innovation aims to “…look forward to supporting organizations with a reliable, easy-to-use blockchain node hosting service so they can focus their time on innovating and scaling their Web3 applications.”


Blockchain is changing the world of information. It gained so much popularity over the years that every second person in the world is directly or indirectly affected by its operations. However, its usage and understanding were not that much easy. The Google Cloud Engine Nodes are now making it very easy for everyone to benefit from it.

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