Google Alert: Cloud accounts are targets for malicious cryptocurrency miners

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TL; DR Breakdown

  • Google has informed users about hackers using the cloud for mining cryptocurrency.
  • The deviants target ill-secured accounts for easy takeover.
  • The hackers only use approximately 22 seconds to download the crypto mining software.

Google is alerting clients about destructive people who hack google cloud accounts to mine cryptos. The cloud can access refining power that one can configure to do dangerous tasks. From its current report, “Threat Horizons,” the entity is trying to create awareness of security gaps. The report says that hackers exploit the accounts for crypto mining activities.

Google notes that accounts with inadequate security protocols. Or, those not secured by any password are easier to compromise.

The report says that using clouds in harvesting cryptos over utilizes CPU or GPU power. Besides, it also refers to mining altcoins such as Chia that rely on storage space to mine.

Causes and mitigation

The primary cause of losing a Google account is inadequate security. And inadequate protection is due to several factors. One such factor is the unavailability of passwords. Or the existence of weak passwords. Some accounts operate without passwords, making them a soft target for unethical hackers. Besides, the accounts might also lack API verification on the spot. This might increase the risk.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) give users the ability to use cloud-based services. Yet, a vulnerability in API may have a massive impact on the security of your cloud account. It is advisable to start strong measures over your APIs.

With little to no security measures in place, a hacker can compromise your account. Several cloud platforms are also experiencing these challenges.

The report also highlights the efficiency of hackers. It noted that the hackers took 22 seconds to download the crypto mining software. Thus, it is safe to say the attacks are targeting unsecured accounts. Such accounts make their job easy.

Google feels threatened by unethical hackers who target accounts for mining reasons

The main reason why accounts are being hacked is mining reasons. Thus, hackers only need half a minute after taking over your account. Also, the dubious actors might be following and monitoring the unsecured cloud accounts. As per the report, 40% of the accounts hacked were new accounts with less than eight hours of lifetime.

Google feels that the cloud space is under constant scanning for vulnerable accounts. And so, the unethical actors don’t work based on “if,” they exploit the aspects of when.

The report suggests that account holders should uphold best practices. Again, they should consider tools that might analyze the structure for security vulnerabilities. Also, they should rely on using various techniques such as crawling.

To remain in charge of your cloud account, create vital authentication steps. Besides, strengthen your identity management. For safety, go for multi-factor authentication. You can exploit tools that ask for static and dynamic passwords. The active password would confirm your credentials by issuing a one-time password to log.

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