Get Free SameUSD for Referring Your Friends


As the industry’s best ecosystem for stablecoins, Samecoin already offers a number of key benefits for its users. Most notably: a stable currency they can easily understand and happily spend on everyday items. A real utility token rather than something they want to sit on as an investment. SameUSD sits at the heart of this ecosystem as Samecoin’s first and most prominent stablecoin—pegged to a basket of other stablecoins so its value always equals one dollar.

Samecoin and SameUSD already have a number of fans—but things are set to get even better for both SameUSD and its holders as the system now offers a comprehensive referral program. This could be key in the mass adoption of Samecoin and provides real benefits for those early adopters who got in early and would also like to help spread the word.

Let’s have a look at how the referral system works, and why it makes sense for everyone.

How SameUSD’s referral scheme could create a bigger market for Samecoin

Peter has been a fan of Samecoin and SameUSD for a while. He loves how he can actually spend SameUSD on petrol for his motorbike every day, and how it’s so easy to understand.

While Peter does get annoyed about those fluctuating gas prices—at least he doesn’t have to worry about the fluctuating value of his crypto. He knows that one SameUSD equals one USD today, and he knows that it’ll equal one USD tomorrow.

Up until now, Peter has been quiet about SameUSD. He doesn’t want to bore his friends with all that crypto talk. But when Peter saw that he can earn more SameUSD simply by referring new people to the Samecoin platform, he started talking.

The ecosystem works on a number of levels

To Peter’s surprise, his friend Keith was interested. Keith didn’t have a motorbike and didn’t need to spend SameUSD on gas. But he’d wanted more control of his money for some time and liked Samecoin’s staking rewards. He liked some of the aspects of the platform’s position in the DeFi landscape.

That’s the thing about Samecoin and SameUSD—there’s something in it for everyone. For someone who just wants to spend their coins on regular purchases and not worry about fluctuations, it’s great. For someone else who’s interested in the wider implications of financial control and someone who wants to earn an income on their investments, it’s great too.

Referrals are good for everyone

So to Peter’s surprise, Keith was all aboard the Samecoin ship. And Peter got some free SameUSD just for recommending his friend. Keith even got a few friends to sign up, too—earning some SameUSD as well.

This isn’t just great for Peter and Keith—it’s great for Samecoin’s future. As more people become invested in the ideas of the platform, word spreads and more people adopt Samecoin. This one simple referral scheme could help safeguard the platform’s future and help more and more people enjoy the benefits of the entire ecosystem.

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