Streamlining GenAI Deployments – Cisco Introduces Motific for Rapid, Secure Solutions


  • Cisco’s new SaaS product, Motific, streamlines trustworthy GenAI deployments in organizations, empowering IT and security teams while ensuring compliance, security, and cost control.
  • Motific cuts deployment times from months to days, offering compliance controls, policy customization, and ROI tracking for GenAI solutions.
  • The platform addresses challenges of tailoring GenAI applications to specific use cases, providing automated controls for sensitive data, security, and trust-related risks.

In a groundbreaking move for the realm of artificial intelligence deployment, Cisco has unveiled Motific, its pioneering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. This innovative product aims to transform the landscape of GenAI (Generative AI) deployments within organizations, marking a significant leap forward in the integration of AI technologies into various sectors. Born from Cisco’s incubation business, Outshift, Motific emerges as a powerful tool designed to streamline and enhance the trustworthiness of GenAI applications across organizational frameworks.

Empowering trustworthy GenAI deployments

Cisco’s Motific emerges amidst the increasing urgency among organizations to deploy AI-powered technologies. With 97% of companies recognizing the imperative to embrace AI-driven solutions, the demand for trustworthy GenAI applications has surged. Yet, organizations encounter formidable challenges in ensuring the reliability and compliance of AI systems, particularly concerning sensitive data and adherence to organizational policies. 

One of the primary hurdles lies in tailoring GenAI solutions to specific use cases, necessitating access to current and clean data sources. Addressing these challenges, Motific stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a centralized platform for managing the entire GenAI journey.

Conventional methods employed for the provisioning and management of GenAI solutions tend to be characterized by their protracted nature and their heavy demands on organizational resources. In contrast, Motific revolutionizes this established paradigm through the provision of a streamlined approach, dramatically reducing deployment timelines from months to a matter of mere days. 

This innovative platform boasts a comprehensive suite of compliance controls, furnishing organizations with the means to effectively oversee usage, expenditure, and the integration of organization-specific data sources. Through intuitive user interfaces, users can effortlessly configure assistants, APIs, and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) models, thereby ensuring optimal levels of accuracy, security, and access control across all facets of their operations. Also, Motific offers pre-configured policy controls tailored for handling sensitive data, implementing robust security measures, and mitigating trust-related risks, thus empowering organizations to tailor their provisions in alignment with their internal policies and requirements.

Ensuring continual compliance and cost optimization

Motific possesses a multifaceted range of functionalities that transcend mere facilitation of deployment. Its scope encompasses ongoing compliance monitoring and the integration of features aimed at optimizing costs. This dynamic platform empowers organizations to not only monitor return on investment (ROI) but also to glean invaluable business insights while effectively managing expenses linked to GenAI deployments. 

By offering comprehensive monitoring capabilities and detailed audit trails, Motific grants visibility into user requests, thereby acting as a deterrent against unauthorized utilization of third-party GenAI features. Also, it streamlines the process of establishing cost budgets and estimations, thus mitigating the potential for excessive spending and ensuring prudence in financial allocations towards AI investments.

As organizations navigate the ever-evolving landscape of AI adoption, Cisco’s Motific emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering a transformative solution for GenAI deployments. By streamlining deployment processes, ensuring compliance, and optimizing costs, Motific empowers organizations to harness the full potential of AI technologies while mitigating associated risks. 

However, as the AI landscape continues to evolve, one question looms large: How will organizations adapt to the dynamic demands of AI deployment in the years to come, and what role will transformative solutions like Motific play in shaping this future?

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