Gamuda Collaborates with Google Cloud to Propel AI Innovation in Engineering and Construction


  • Gamuda Berhad partners with Google Cloud, bringing generative AI capabilities to revolutionize construction and engineering, enhancing project efficiency and safety.
  • The collaboration introduces Gamuda’s Digital Operating System (GDOS), a standardized ecosystem consolidating data from critical systems, demonstrating seamless integration and improved focus on value-creating tasks.
  • In tunnelling, Gamuda leverages Google Cloud’s Gemini models and Vertex AI, using generative AI-powered conversational agents to streamline data analysis from autonomous tunnel boring machines, ensuring timely responses to operational challenges.

Gamuda Berhad, a leading construction and engineering industry player, is set to redefine the landscape with its collaboration with Google Cloud. The incorporation of generative AI capabilities, fueled by Google Cloud’s cutting-edge technology, marks a significant stride towards digital innovation in an industry traditionally steeped in tradition.

The integration of AI in construction holds immense promise, particularly in decision-making processes. AI’s real-time visibility empowers construction leaders with invaluable insights, enabling swift adjustments that enhance project profitability, reduce delays, and elevate safety standards. Traditional reliance on outdated designs is replaced by AI’s ability to analyze data promptly, ensuring construction projects stay on track and within budget.

Moreover, AI algorithms are pivotal in predicting equipment failures, contributing to improved maintenance and safety schedules. Construction companies, including Gamuda, can significantly reduce downtime, enhance safety measures, and achieve cost savings by identifying potential issues before they escalate. This predictive maintenance approach ensures the efficient operation of machinery and minimizes unexpected breakdowns, ultimately optimizing the overall construction process.

AI is a game-changer in engineering, offering capabilities that extend from smart production lines to design simulations. Businesses can minimize waste and enhance efficiency by implementing AI-powered sensors that detect anomalies in infrastructure, ensuring safety and longevity. The use of AI-driven simulations in design processes, such as fluid dynamics and stress analysis, enhances product performance and reliability, marking a leap forward in engineering innovation.

Gamuda’s strategic alliance with Google Cloud

Gamuda’s recent announcement of its expansion plans with Google Cloud unveils its commitment to harnessing AI capabilities for innovation. The collaboration aims to empower every Gamuda employee with enterprise-grade generative AI, fostering efficiency and innovation in engineering, construction, and public infrastructure projects. The initiative, driven by the Gamuda Innovation Hub, represents a significant step towards transforming a traditionally conservative industry.

At the core of Gamuda’s digital transformation journey is the Gamuda Digital Operating System (GDOS). This standardized ecosystem, developed in collaboration with Google Cloud, consolidates enterprise data from mission-critical systems like Autodesk Construction Cloud and SAP S4/HANA. The successful migration of Gamuda’s SAP S4/HANA systems to Google Cloud in 2023 underscores the seamless integration of data and compute workloads, allowing the team to focus on value-creating use cases.

AI in tunnelling 

Gamuda’s foray into AI extends to tunnelling, where using Google Cloud’s Gemini models on the Vertex AI platform has transformed operational efficiency. The integration of generative AI-powered conversational agents into the cloud-based Tunnel Insight platform streamlines data analysis from autonomous tunnel boring machines (A-TBMs). These A-TBMs, developed in-house by Gamuda, leverage sophisticated algorithms to automate operational tasks, contributing to better tunneling in major construction projects across the globe.

Google Cloud’s enterprise AI stack, including Vertex AI Search and Conversation, has accelerated Gamuda’s innovation cycles. Employees without specialist AI knowledge can now build, deploy, and derive value from functional generative applications within weeks. This democratization of AI innovation enables Gamuda to leverage world-class foundation models and APIs for a marketplace of expertise and insights.

Gamuda’s collaboration with Google Cloud is a testament to the industry’s evolution through digitalization and AI integration. The strategic alliance enhances operational efficiency and sets a powerful example for enterprises seeking rapid innovation. As Gamuda continues to take charge of digital transformation, its commitment to embracing modern infrastructure, data analytics, security, and AI positions the company at the forefront of engineering and construction excellence.

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