Futureverse Launches Readyverse Studios to Bring ‘Ready Player One’ to Life in the Metaverse


  • Futureverse’s Readyverse Studios is set to bring the Ready Player One franchise to life in the metaverse.
  • The project is a collaboration between Ernest Cline, Shara Senderoff, Dan Farah, and Aaron McDonald.
  • Discussions are ongoing with major studios and IP rights holders for potential collaborations.

Futureverse, the AI and metaverse technology company, is taking the world of gaming and virtual reality to a whole new level with the launch of Readyverse Studios. Co-founded by the renowned novelist Ernest Cline, author of “Ready Player One,” Futureverse is making strides in transforming the gaming experience. This venture, which includes collaboration with industry experts Shara Senderoff, Dan Farah, and Aaron McDonald, aims to bring the immersive world of “Ready Player One” to life in the metaverse.

A futuristic vision realized: Ready player one

“Ready Player One,” both a novel published in 2011 and a blockbuster film released in 2018, envisions a dystopian future deeply entwined with artificial intelligence and the gaming universe. The story’s central theme revolves around a metaverse where users can immerse themselves in virtual and augmented realities, blurring the lines between the digital and physical worlds. Futureverse’s ultimate goal is to make this vision a reality, allowing fans worldwide to experience the metaverse as depicted in the franchise.

Collaborations on the horizon

Futureverse Studios is already making waves by securing the rights to Ernest Cline’s works, including the highly successful 2018 film adaptation that grossed a staggering $583 million. Furthermore, the studio aims to collaborate with major film studios and renowned intellectual property (IP) rights holders to bring beloved IPs into the metaverse. According to Dan Farah, there is significant interest from these industry giants in exploring partnerships with Readyverse Studios. This move promises exciting prospects for fans and enthusiasts alike.

Ernest Cline’s perspective

Ernest Cline, the visionary behind “Ready Player One,” is thrilled about the prospects of this groundbreaking project. He states, “The future has arrived even more quickly than I imagined.” With Readyverse Studios, Cline sees an opportunity to harness the innovative technology that Futureverse has been developing for several years to create the most immersive metaverse experience possible.

One of the primary objectives of Readyverse is to offer users an immersive experience that blurs the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds. Aaron McDonald, co-founder of Futureverse, emphasizes that these two realms are inextricably linked. This integration is fundamental to Ready Player One’s vision, where the metaverse is seamlessly connected to everyday life.

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