Future of crypto exchanges in the post-COVID-19 world

Future of crypto exchanges in the post COVID world

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  • The future of crypto exchanges seems largely dependent on institutional investors.
  • CEX.IO executive director believes that the institutions are now driving the investments.
  • Regulations pose key challenges required in the market.

Crypto exchanges are quickly becoming the latest and hottest debate across the financial market. With peer-to-peer DeFi exchange UNI and SushiSwap saga, the realm became mainstream attracting many day traders and institutional investors alike. Konstantin Anissimov, Executive Director at CEX.IO believes that the future of crypto exchanges in the post-COVID-19 world seems to be very bright given the current inflow of investors.

UK based digital exchange CEX.IO has taken the next step to growth in the crypto world by integrating clients specific to institutions to its current business line. The first in the market to implement this strategy, Konstantin Anissimov, Executive Director, strongly believes the platform attracts institutional, and corporal investors like never before.

Institutional investors driving the future of crypto exchanges

The rationale behind the approach is to proportionate the growth of institutional expanse manifold within a 3-year mark. Market competence, price guarantees, docility, and efficacy are a few factors broadly worked upon prior to the launch of this strategy hence ensuring a steady and well-balanced portfolio.

Konstantin Anissimov expert perspective on the future of crypto exchanges and the industry is quite positive for growth. He expressed that cryptocurrencies will influence the investment industry tremendously and chances are will take the position of a fully fledges asset however will continue to fall in the high-risk category until blockchain technology is fully functional worldwide. He believes that the cryptocurrencies would never challenge the status quo since the decentralized finance realm is like a parallel dimension within the financial world.

Another key issue that he believed needs constant work is regularizing the blockchain industry. Regulations play a key role in building reliability and gaining consumer trust across the clientele board and will have a major impact on the industry’s future relevance within the finance and investment sector

He further stated its promising career, in the long run, owing to the constant quest of investors for increasingly high staked returns on investments (ROIs) while conventional markets continue to deform struggling with low yielding products and negative margins.

He further added his interest in digitizing the pension systems. Promoting mini finances to enter the crypto market and increasing the chance to proselytize these earnings into cryptography.

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