FTX’s Vigilance Amidst Bankruptcy: A Warning Against Unauthorized Bids


  • FTX, amidst bankruptcy, has issued a warning to its creditors about unauthorized bid solicitations, emphasizing the complexity of its unwinding process and endorsing Galaxy Asset Management as the sole authorized entity for managing its digital asset sales.
  • The exchange has made significant strides in recovering assets, including a notable $7 billion retrieval and a court-approved sale of its stake in AI firm Anthropic, aiming for a transparent and lawful recovery process to fulfill its obligations to creditors and prioritize customer reimbursements.

In a significant move, the FTX Derivatives Exchange, now navigating through bankruptcy, has issued a critical warning to its creditors. The cautionary advice comes as the exchange prepares to meet its obligations to those affected by its dramatic collapse in 2022. 

The heart of the warning is to alert creditors about the presence of unauthorized bid solicitations. The development underscores the complexities surrounding the unwinding of what was once a titan in the cryptocurrency trading arena.

Exclusive management by Galaxy asset management

In what marks its inaugural monthly communication to its community post-bankruptcy, FTX has taken a decisive step to clarify the management of its digital asset sales. According to a bankruptcy court order, the exchange has publicly endorsed Galaxy Asset Management as the sole court-authorized entity to oversee the sale of its digital assets. The move is aimed at ensuring that all offers to sell or solicitations to buy are funneled through the authorized channel, a measure that FTX believes will safeguard the process from exploitation by unauthorized parties.

FTX’s announcement is a beacon for institutional buyers and other parties compliant with the law, guiding them toward the legitimate pathway for engaging with the sale of FTX’s digital assets. The firm’s proactive stance in revealing attempts by unauthorized third parties to bid on behalf of certain FTX debtors highlights its commitment to transparency and due diligence during the tumultuous period.

The path to recovery and repayment from the bankruptcy

Significant milestones have marked FTX’s journey towards restructuring and fulfilling its obligations to creditors. The exchange has successfully retrieved up to $7 billion in assets, a substantial recovery that lays the groundwork for repaying its customers. A pivotal moment in the endeavor was the recent approval by the Supreme Bankruptcy Court of the United States District Court for the District of Delaware for FTX to sell its over $1 billion stake in AI firm Anthropic. The sale is anticipated to significantly alleviate the financial strain on FTX and potentially lead to the complete settlement of claims held by its customers and creditors.

In addition to these efforts, FTX has been actively engaging with various government agencies. An agreement has been reached to postpone the collection of approximately $9 billion in claims until after the full reimbursement of customers. The strategic move indicates FTX’s prioritization of its customers’ interests and dedication to navigating the bankruptcy process with integrity and responsibility.

Navigating challenges with strategic partnerships

The collaboration between FTX and Galaxy Asset Management represents a strategic approach to managing the sale of digital assets amid bankruptcy proceedings. By centralizing the process under the stewardship of a court-authorized investment manager, FTX aims to streamline the sale, ensuring that it is conducted in a transparent and compliant with legal standards. The partnership is a critical component of FTX’s broader strategy to recover from its collapse and fulfill its obligations to creditors and customers alike.

The explicit warning against unauthorized bid solicitations serves as a reminder of the challenges that lie ahead for FTX. However, it also highlights the exchange’s proactive measures to safeguard the interests of its stakeholders. As FTX continues to navigate through these complexities, its actions reflect a commitment to accountability and the rigorous pursuit of a resolution that honors its obligations to those affected by its bankruptcy.


FTX’s journey through bankruptcy is a testament to the challenges and complexities inherent in the cryptocurrency trading industry. Through strategic partnerships, transparent communication, and a steadfast commitment to its creditors and customers, FTX is charting a course towards recovery and redemption. The road ahead is fraught with challenges, but FTX’s recent actions signal a determined effort to emerge from the crisis with integrity and resilience.

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