FTX scandal exposed: Misuse of customer deposits revealed in second investigative report


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  • FTX, a once reputable crypto exchange, is embroiled in a scandal involving the misuse of customer deposits for personal gain.
  • The investigative report reveals that FTX commingled customer funds with corporate funds, resulting in the misappropriation of approximately $8.7 billion owed to customers.
  • Former FTX executives deliberately concealed their actions, making it challenging to trace the misappropriated assets.

FTX, once hailed as a customer-focused leader in the digital age, is now under intense scrutiny following the release of a damning investigative report by FTX debtors. The report uncovers shocking revelations of the commingling and misuse of customer deposits at the now-defunct crypto exchange. The former senior executives at FTX Group are accused of deliberately misusing customer funds for personal gain.

The investigative report, released on Monday, has exposed the deceptive practices carried out by FTX Group. From the beginning of the FTX.com exchange, the company had been commingling customer deposits with corporate funds, as alleged in the report. However, this intentional commingling led to the misappropriation of about $8.7 billion owed to customers. The extent of the misuse and the deliberate attempts to conceal these actions have shocked industry observers.

In a statement, John J. Ray III, CEO and Chief Restructuring Officer of FTX, expressed deep disappointment in the revelations, stating, “The image that the FTX Group sought to portray as the customer-focused leader of the digital age was a mirage.” He further added, “From the inception of the FTX.com exchange, the FTX Group commingled customer deposits and corporate funds and misused them with abandon at the direction and by the design of previous senior executives.”

Tracing the extensive misappropriation

The ongoing investigation into FTX’s practices has revealed the challenges faced by FTX debtors in tracing the substantial assets of the debtors to their original sources. The extensive commingling of funds has created a complex web that hinders the differentiation between the FTX Group’s operating funds and customer deposits.

Despite the challenges, FTX has managed to recover approximately $7 billion in liquid assets thus far, and the search for additional assets is still ongoing, according to CEO John Ray. However, the report alleges that former FTX leadership actively concealed their actions with the assistance of a senior FTX Group attorney and others involved in the scheme.

The involvement of an unidentified senior FTX attorney in these deceptive practices is a recurring theme in the report. It is alleged that this attorney went as far as terminating a less senior attorney who raised objections to the company’s deceptive practices. The misappropriated funds were allegedly funneled into political and charitable donations, investments, and acquisitions, including luxury real estate.

FTX debtors estimate that the total amount of misappropriated customer assets is around $8.7 billion, with the majority comprising fiat and stablecoin. However, given the complex nature of the commingled funds, tracing these assets back to their original sources presents a significant challenge. The report reveals that the former FTX leadership informally tracked an undisclosed fiat currency liability estimated to be between $8.9 billion and $10 billion.

As FTX debtors continue their investigation, the full extent of the damage caused by misappropriating customer deposits is gradually coming to light. The ongoing investigation is expected to uncover further details surrounding the downfall of FTX and the actions of its former senior executives.

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