FTX files lawsuit accusing bankruptcy lawyers of fraud


  • FTX creditors have launched a lawsuit against Sullivan & Cromwell, accusing the law firm of complicity in FTX’s fraud.
  • Allegations include Sullivan & Cromwell’s financial gain from FTX’s operations and legal misdeeds.
  • The lawsuit claims Ryne Miller, FTX’s general counsel and ex-partner at Sullivan & Cromwell, funneled business back to the firm, deepening their entanglement.

The saga of FTX’s downfall takes a dramatic twist with a new lawsuit pointing fingers at Sullivan & Cromwell, the law firm at the helm of the cryptocurrency exchange’s bankruptcy proceedings. Accusations are flying thick and fast, with FTX creditors alleging the firm not only had its hands deep in the cookie jar but also actively participated in the concoction of FTX’s financial disaster.

Unraveling the Web of Allegations

A tidal wave of controversy surrounds Sullivan & Cromwell, a law firm with roots stretching back over a century, now caught in the eye of the FTX storm. The lawsuit unearths a narrative where greed and collusion allegedly flourished unchecked. Creditors claim the law firm was, according to them, an accomplice that benefited from the chaos.

The connections between FTX and Sullivan & Cromwell were not casual or fleeting. Ryne Miller, a figure pivotal to this tale, transitioned from a partner at the law firm to FTX’s general counsel, weaving a network of business that funneled back to his former employer. This is a calculated play to ensure Sullivan & Cromwell remained deeply entangled with FTX, reaping financial rewards through various legal undertakings.

The narrative further thickens with the mention of FTX’s CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, and his cozy relationship with the law firm, to the extent of operating from their offices. This closeness between the corporate entities is highlighted as a testament to their intertwined operations, raising questions about the law firm’s ability to maintain a professional distance and objectivity.

FTX’s Financial Entanglements and Legal Quagmires

Beyond the personal connections, the lawsuit shines a light on the financial ties that bound FTX and Sullivan & Cromwell together. The law firm’s coffers swelled with millions of dollars in legal fees from FTX, a point of contention given the exchange’s tumultuous financial health. Such monetary benefits are scrutinized, with creditors pointing out the potential conflict of interest these earnings represent, especially as Sullivan & Cromwell takes charge of navigating FTX through bankruptcy.

The legal entanglements do not end with accusations of cozy relationships and financial gains. The lawsuit also delves into the firm’s alleged complicity in FTX’s misleading practices, painting a picture of a legal guardian that instead of protecting, chose to partake in the spoils of deception.

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