FTX resorting to crypto sales to cover customer refunds


  • FTX is selling its crypto assets to increase cash reserves, aiming to repay customers affected by its 2022 collapse.
  • The company’s cash pile nearly doubled from about $2.3 billion to $4.4 billion by the end of 2023.
  • It raised $1.8 billion by selling digital assets and is engaging in Bitcoin derivative trades to generate additional revenue.

In the ever-twisting saga of FTX, the latest chapter unfolds with the beleaguered crypto firm scrambling to salvage its reputation and finances. Amidst the chaos of bankruptcy and allegations of fraud, FTX is now liquidating its crypto assets, channeling efforts into amassing cash reserves. The aim? To settle debts with customers left in the lurch since the platform’s dramatic implosion in 2022. A steep task indeed, considering the magnitude of the freeze on customer accounts and the shadows of mistrust cast over the firm.

From Digital Riches to Hard Cash: FTX’s Strategic Shift

FTX’s strategy pivot is not just a reactionary measure but a well-orchestrated move under the guidance of bankruptcy advisers. These financial maestros have been orchestrating the transformation of crypto holdings into a more liquid state. Their approach has yielded significant results, nearly doubling the exchange’s cash reserves from approximately $2.3 billion in late October to a robust $4.4 billion by the end of 2023. This figure, impressive as it is, represents only a part of the total financial picture, considering the contributions of other FTX affiliates.

FTX revealed in a court filing last month that it had raked in a hefty $1.8 billion through the disposal of some of its digital assets by mid-December. Furthermore, the exchange has been engaging in Bitcoin derivative trades, a strategic play to hedge against Bitcoin’s volatility and squeeze additional yield from its digital portfolio. The firm isn’t just looking at short-term gains; it’s also exploring avenues to potentially reboot the exchange, a move that would signal a remarkable comeback in the face of adversity.

The Road to Redemption: Legal and Financial Maneuvers

The rise in FTX’s cash stockpile is a silver lining for customers who witnessed the value of their accounts surge amidst the company’s unraveling. Since November 2022, bankruptcy advisers have been on a relentless asset hunt. Their efforts include striking deals aimed at benefiting customers with smaller accounts and launching lawsuits against former FTX associates, including Sam Bankman-Fried, and other crypto entities like Bybit Fintech Ltd.

However, FTX has been upfront about the grim reality: not all customers will recoup their full investments. Particularly, users of FTX.com are poised to shoulder a larger share of the losses. In a contentious move, the company is considering fixing the value of digital assets to the date of the company filing for bankruptcy. This approach effectively excludes customers from the potential benefits of a year-long Bitcoin rally and other token rebounds.

On the legal front, the tale takes another twist. A federal appeals court, responding to an appeal by the U.S. bankruptcy trustee, mandated the appointment of an independent examiner in the bankruptcy case. This decision, emerging from a Philadelphia court, underscores the gravity of alleged fraud leading up to FTX’s collapse. Initially, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge John Dorsey had denied this request, citing confidence in John Ray III, the new CEO, and ongoing investigations by various federal agencies.

The appointment of an independent examiner marks a significant turn in ensuring transparency and accountability. This person’s role will be to dissect FTX’s financial affairs and operations, bringing to light any obscured details. The findings, unlike those from internal investigations, will be made public, offering a clearer understanding of FTX’s past dealings and decisions.

As the world watches the unraveling of FTX, the implications for the cryptocurrency industry are profound. This scrutiny not only unravels the complexities of FTX’s fall but also serves as a cautionary tale for potential investors in the volatile crypto market. The investigation and subsequent report will provide crucial insights, shaping the bankruptcy court’s decisions and potentially influencing the entire crypto landscape.

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