FTX shakeup: Ikigai Asset Management boldly sells $65 million claim in bankruptcy case


  • Ikigai Asset Management, a prominent hedge fund, sold its claim in the FTX bankruptcy case.
  • The sale, announced by Chief Investment Officer Travis Kling, is a significant development in the FTX saga.
  • Ikigai had a substantial portion of its assets in FTX and sold its claim for a reported $65 million.

Ikigai Asset Management, a notable player in the hedge fund sector, has made a strategic move by selling its claim in the FTX bankruptcy case. The decision, announced on December 22 by Chief Investment Officer Travis Kling via a post on X, is a significant development in the ongoing FTX saga.

Ikigai, which had a substantial portion of its assets in the beleaguered cryptocurrency exchange, sold its claim for a reported $65 million. While the exact sale price remains undisclosed, industry speculation suggests that creditors could receive up to 73 cents on the dollar, a figure significantly higher than many anticipated following FTX’s collapse in November 2022.

Kling explained that opportunity cost considerations primarily influenced the choice to sell. Ikigai can now redeploy these funds into other ventures with potential returns by opting for immediate cash. This move also enables the firm to honor redemption requests from its investors, with Kling noting that most of the capital will remain within the fund.

The FTX aftermath: A wider industry impact

FTX’s implosion has had far-reaching implications across the cryptocurrency landscape, impacting numerous investors and firms. The market grapples with the fallout more than a year after the exchange’s bankruptcy filing. Legal representatives and brokers have been actively encouraging affected users to sell their claims, presenting an opportunity for quicker financial recovery, albeit at potentially lower values than could be realized.

This trend of selling claims for immediate liquidity reflects a growing sentiment among retail investors and creditors. Many are now opting to recoup some of their lost funds rather than endure the uncertainty and lengthy bankruptcy proceedings. However, this choice comes with the trade-off of potentially missing out on larger payouts once the bankruptcy case concludes.

Market dynamics and emerging opportunities

The situation surrounding FTX has opened up new market dynamics, with several entities emerging to capitalize on the opportunity. Firms like Cherokee Acquisition and Open Exchange, backed by Three Arrows Capital co-founders Su Zhu and Kyle Davies, offer cash for FTX claims. This development underscores a significant shift in the cryptocurrency market, where traditional financial mechanisms like claim purchasing and loans against claims are integrated.

In June, it was reported that an FTX creditor used their claim as collateral for a loan in a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, indicating the innovative ways market participants navigate the aftermath of FTX’s collapse. These evolving strategies highlight the adaptability of the crypto market and its participants in the face of adversity.

Ikigai’s decision to sell its claim and Kling’s commentary on the process provides valuable insights into the current state of the crypto market and the strategic decisions firms are making in this uncertain landscape.

As the FTX bankruptcy case continues, firms like Ikigai will likely influence others facing similar dilemmas. The situation remains a key point of interest for investors and industry observers alike, as it sheds light on the ongoing evolution of the cryptocurrency market and its mechanisms for dealing with crises.

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