French teenagers embrace crypto investments despite legal restrictions


  • French teens are into crypto despite rules; they’re after profits and adrenaline.
  • Scams are up as Bitcoin rises, with a recent platform collapse sparking complaints.
  • The TV presenter warns against fake news promoting crypto and urges vigilance.

French teenagers are increasingly entering the cryptocurrency market, defying legal prohibitions and raising concerns about potential risks associated with speculative investments. According to a report by Franceinfo, a significant portion of French citizens aged 18 to 24 engage in crypto trading, with 15% already involved in the market. This figure surpasses the national average, which stands at 9%.

Youthful enthusiasm for cryptocurrency

Despite regulations prohibiting minors from trading on crypto platforms in France, adolescents and young adults are growing interested in digital assets. The allure of potential profits and the adrenaline rush associated with market fluctuations are cited as primary motivations driving young investors into the crypto space.

Mathias Vallet, a 19-year-old enthusiast, highlighted the thrill of trading and the financial opportunities it presents. He expressed how his gains in the crypto markets have enabled him to finance his university studies, emphasizing the importance of making informed decisions to ensure asset growth.

While French teenagers embrace cryptocurrencies, concerns about scams and fraudulent schemes loom. The recent surge in Bitcoin prices has attracted scammers seeking to exploit the growing enthusiasm for digital assets. The collapse of OmegaPro, a crypto asset investment platform, led to several hundred complaints against its managers in Paris, underscoring the risks associated with unregulated platforms.

TV presenter Élise Lucet warns against crypto scams

Renowned TV presenter Élise Lucet has raised awareness about fraudulent schemes misusing her image to promote cryptocurrency platforms. Lucet took to Twitter to distance herself from fabricated news articles and false interviews, which falsely attributed wealth secrets to her. She warned the public to be vigilant against coordinated campaigns spreading misinformation and promoting fraudulent websites.

The increasing participation of French teenagers in the cryptocurrency market reflects a broader trend of digital asset adoption among younger demographics. Despite legal restrictions and potential risks, the allure of potential profits and the thrill of trading continue to attract young investors. However, amidst the crypto boom, concerns about scams and fraudulent activities persist, necessitating greater awareness and regulatory vigilance to protect investors from financial harm.

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