Freed’s bakery develops an NFT wedding cake

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• The NFT wedding cake auction ended on September 10.
• Art pieces, stamps, music, and games are part of the new NFT auctions.

In recent months it has been appreciated how the trade of non-fungible tokens grows in different categories. NFTs are unique pieces that can add value to any digital product, such as a work of art, stamp, or a recognized artist’s signature.

On this occasion, the non-fungible token trade shows its first NFT wedding cake. Now cakes are valued for their delicious caramel flavor and aroma and their image in NFT form.

NFT wedding cake trends in crypto market

NFT wedding cake

Over the week, throughout downtown Las Vegas, Freed’s Bakery posted their NFT wedding cake piece. Although the store makes royal wedding cakes, the bakery thought entering the NFT market would be a success.

With this non-fungible token development, the bakery marks a milestone by creating and selling its first digital cake. The piece is in gif form; it has many details about the cake, causing interest among enthusiasts to this new crypto trend.

The piece NFT wedding cake was auctioned on Friday for $370.06, paid for with 0.1 ETH. This sale was a success for the bakery.

However, the store is not satisfied with the profits in that auction because they have several pieces to order. Freed’s is selling non-expendable token cakes with rainbow designs and an angelic pink hue. Each NFT auction of the store can be seen within the Opensea platform, a promoter of the new virtual auction system.

NFTs evolve in the auction world

With the non-fungible tokens, you can appreciate an NFT wedding cake and other pieces made by the best local artists. The NFT market is here to stay, and this technology that sticks to virtual auctions has been a great help for art.

Before non-fungible tokens appeared on the internet, artists worldwide had difficulty selling their works, such as paintings or sculptures. Now everything has changed positively because auctions are held almost daily that drive the art industry. For example, the most expensive NFT piece was sold this year, called ” Everydays – The First 5000 Days “, valued at $69 million.

Some companies have also shown interest in auctions, such as Visa, which bought pieces from the CryptoPunk collection. The NFT market will increase in value over time and it is only a matter of time before more and more artists come on board.

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