Foxconn Anticipates AI Chip Shortage Amid Optimistic 2024 Outlook


  • Foxconn warns of an AI chip shortage, but Chairman Liu Young-way anticipates a slightly better 2024 despite supply chain challenges.
  • Geopolitical tensions could impact consumer product demand, says Foxconn, as Apple forecasts a decline in iPhone sales.
  • Limited chip production capacity for servers contributes to the AI chip shortage, raising the need for new factories.

Taiwan-based Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer and Apple’s primary iPhone assembler has issued a cautionary note about an impending shortage of artificial intelligence (AI) chips. Despite supply chain concerns, the company’s chairman, Liu Young-way, remains cautiously optimistic about the prospects for 2024, anticipating a performance slightly better than the previous year.

AI chip shortage looms

Foxconn’s chairman, Liu Young-way, recently expressed concerns over a potential shortage of AI chips. He acknowledged that while demand for AI servers remains robust, there are limitations in chip production capacity. The company faces the challenge of keeping up with this growing demand and suggests that new factories may be needed to address the shortage.

2024 outlook remains cautiously positive

Despite the uncertainties surrounding the supply of AI chips, Foxconn remains hopeful for the year 2024. Chairman Liu Young-way pointed out that the company had performed well in the previous year, even with a significant write-off in the first quarter. Foxconn’s outlook for 2024 is described as “relatively conservative and neutral.” Liu Young-way believes that the company’s performance in 2024 may be slightly better than in 2023.

Geopolitical issues impact consumer demand

Foxconn’s optimism for 2024 is tempered by concerns about geopolitical problems affecting consumer demand. The global economic landscape, marred by uncertainties arising from geopolitical tensions, poses challenges to the consumer product market. This comes in the wake of Apple’s recent forecast of a drop in iPhone sales, partly attributed to its China business facing headwinds from the competition in the Asian market, particularly from foldable phones and Huawei’s China-made chips.

Challenges in AI chip production

Foxconn’s assessment of the AI chip shortage highlights the complexity of the semiconductor industry. Even with a strong demand for AI servers, the production capacity for chips is limited. The chairman suggests that addressing the shortage may require the establishment of new chip manufacturing facilities to meet the rising global demand.

Foxconn’s financial performance and future prospects

Foxconn, officially known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, will be reporting its fourth-quarter earnings next month, where it is expected to provide an updated outlook for the year 2024. The company’s performance and strategic direction will be closely monitored in light of the challenges posed by the AI chip shortage and geopolitical uncertainties.

In terms of market performance, Foxconn’s shares have experienced a decline of 2.4% since the beginning of the year, in contrast to a 0.7% gain in the broader market. This divergence suggests that investors are keeping a watchful eye on Foxconn’s ability to navigate the challenges in the semiconductor industry and the impact of global geopolitical issues on its business.

Foxconn, a key player in the electronics manufacturing industry, has raised concerns about a looming AI chip shortage while maintaining a cautious but slightly optimistic outlook for 2024. The company acknowledges the challenges it faces in meeting the growing demand for AI chips and highlights the potential need for new manufacturing facilities to address the shortage. Additionally, Foxconn is mindful of the impact of geopolitical issues on consumer demand, a factor that could influence its performance in the coming year. As the company prepares to release its fourth-quarter earnings and updated outlook, investors and industry observers will closely monitor Foxconn’s strategic moves in response to these challenges.

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