Fox Corp. Launches Blockchain-Based Verify Tool for Content Authentication

Fox Corp.

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  • Fox Corp. introduces Verify Tool to confirm content and prevent misuse.
  • Verify uses blockchain to secure content and connect media and AI.
  • Fox aims to lower costs and extend Verify to more partners.

Fox Corp. has introduced Verify, a blockchain-based content verification system, to ensure the authenticity of its content and protect its intellectual property in the age of artificial intelligence. The Verify Tool, a web-based application, enables consumers to authenticate images and article links online that claim to originate from Fox sources. 

The move comes as media companies seek to safeguard their content and business models amid concerns over unauthorized use and commercialization by third-party platforms.

Fox Corp. unveils verify tool for content authentication

Fox Corp. has taken a significant step towards securing its intellectual property and confirming the authenticity of its content with the launch of Verify, a blockchain-based content verification system. This technology addresses concerns surrounding the use of copyrighted material and the proliferation of misinformation on the internet.

The Verify Tool, which is available to the public at verify.fox allows consumers to independently verify the legitimacy of images and article links that purport to be from Fox sources. This initiative is part of Fox Corp.’s efforts to protect its content in the era of powerful artificial intelligence technologies like ChatGPT and OpenAI.

Verify relies on blockchain technology to establish the origin and history of original content. Each piece of content is cryptographically signed and stored on the blockchain, enabling consumers to verify that it comes from the publisher they expect. This ensures transparency and trustworthiness in the digital content ecosystem.

In addition to safeguarding content authenticity, Verify also serves as a bridge between media companies and AI companies’ Large Language Models (LLMs). This verified access point allows secure and authorized access to content, potentially creating new commercial opportunities for content owners through programmatic access conditions.

Fox Corp.’s commitment to content protection

Melody Hildebrandt, Fox Corp.’s Chief Technology Officer, emphasized the company’s commitment to protecting its intellectual property while actively participating in the growing AI economy. She stated,

“We are in the AI-optimist camp. We want to participate in this economy… but believe that our content should not be commercialized without our participation.”

Fox Corp. acknowledges the potential risks associated with the unauthorized use of copyrighted material for training AI models, a concern that has led to legal battles in the industry. To address these concerns, Verify offers a technical mechanism for AI platforms to license content datasets across multiple publishers for training data and real-time news information.

Fox Corp. introduced Verify with an internal beta version on August 23, 2023, coinciding with the first GOP candidates’ primary debate on Fox News. To date, content from Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Sports, and Fox’s television stations, totaling approximately 84,000 pieces of content, have been signed to the Verify content graph. This primarily includes text and images from digital news and sports content.

Looking ahead, Fox Corp. plans to release a second version of Verify in early 2024, which will migrate from the Polygon public blockchain to an application-specific blockchain. This transition aims to reduce the cost of signing content to near-zero. Additionally, Fox Corp. intends to extend the adoption of Verify to third-party content providers, although specific details about these partnerships are still being developed.

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