Forward ITMO Hackathon a resounding success with multiple award-winning templates

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  • The Forward Hackathon at ITMO University resulted in 12 new dApp templates for the Forward Factory, highlighting Forward’s innovation in web3.
  • Team MoreTech won first place with their Soulbound ERC721 template and contributed seven templates, significantly enhancing the marketplace’s functionality.
  • The hackathon facilitated collaborative innovation and teamwork, evidenced by positive participant feedback and the successful development of high-quality dApp templates.

Forward recently concluded its highly anticipated hackathon at ITMO University, marking a significant milestone for the platform. The event, which gathered some of the brightest minds from across Russia, culminated in the addition of multiple award-winning templates to the Forward Factory. This successful hackathon highlights Forward’s commitment to innovation and its growing influence in the web3 space.

Four-week hybrid hackathon concludes

The Forward Hackathon spanned four weeks, from April 14 to May 5, 2024, and was conducted in a hybrid format, both online and on-site. This event saw the participation of 60 individuals across 20 teams, who dedicated countless hours to web3 hacking and innovative problem-solving.

Key sponsors and collaborators included Forward and the prestigious ITMO University, who jointly hosted the event. Their support was crucial in providing the necessary resources and venue for participants. The hackathon featured intensive brainstorming sessions, 24-hour coding marathons, pitches, and AMAs, embodying the barrier-breaking spirit of Forward.

MoreTech leads with multiple wins

Participants developed a variety of new templates for the Forward Marketplace, focusing on practical dApp solutions. In total, 12 templates were created during the hackathon, but only three could claim the top spots,  contributing to the functionality and offerings of the Forward Factory.

First prize

Team: MoreTech

Template: Soulbound ERC721

Prize: $2000

Second prize

Team: ioob

Template: ReferralToken Solution

Prize: $1500

Third prize

Team: Indian Spiders

Template: PreSale Contract Solution

Prize: $1000

Honorable mentions

  • Team: Ioob – Template: Asset Management Trust Solution
  • Team: MoreTech – Template: Soulbound ERC1155 Solution
  • Team: MoreTech – Template: miniDAO Solution
  • Team: MoreTech – Template: Atomic Swap Solutions (Native, ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155)

Team MoreTech went above and beyond while building Templates for the Marketplace, with a total of 7 submissions. In recognition of their dedication and phenomenal efforts, the team has been awarded a bonus prize of an additional $3,000. 

The event underscored the collaborative efforts of developers, creative professionals, and technical experts, significantly contributing to the Forward Factory’s capabilities.

Participants celebrate collaborative success

The hackathon participants shared their thoughts on the event, highlighting the collaborative atmosphere and the robust support system provided by the Forward team. Their experiences underscore the hackathon’s role in fostering innovation and teamwork.

Insight from MoreTech team:

“Participating in the Forward Hackathon was a fantastic experience. We were thrilled to see so many unique ideas and enjoyed the collaboration and support from everyone involved. Winning the first prize with our Soulbound Token Template was the highlight, and we’re proud to have contributed to the Forward Factory.”

Insight from Indian Spiders team:

“The Forward Hackathon was a fantastic journey for us. The support from the Forward team and the opportunity to interact with other skilled participants were the best parts. Developing our PreSale Contract Template and earning recognition for it was incredibly satisfying. We look forward to seeing how it benefits the Forward Factory and the broader web3 community.”

Forward Factory enhances dApp development

The Forward Factory played a pivotal role in the hackathon by providing participants with an intuitive, user-friendly platform to develop templates that, when deployed, are fully functioning decentralized applications. Many students found it fascinating that users could easily develop dApps through a drag-and-drop interface, which they believe will significantly contribute to the broader adoption of web3 technology. 

The V4 update of the Forward Factory, with its enhanced user interface and AI capabilities, was particularly appreciated for making the development process smoother and more intuitive. Participants noted that the Forward Factory eliminates complex coding tasks, allowing users to focus more on innovation and creativity.

Challenges and solutions

There were some challenges for developers in building templates for the Forward Factory. Participants encountered bugs in the platform that occasionally slowed down their progress. Display and interaction issues with templates also posed difficulties, requiring adjustments such as changing the browser’s page scale. Additionally, there were minor wallet connection issues that caused problems with testnet token payments.

Despite these challenges, the Forward team provided continuous and effective support. They were quick to address bugs, offering updates and workarounds that kept the development process on track. The team also assisted with template interactivity issues and ensured smooth wallet connections and payment processes.

Here’s some participant feedback given to Cryptopolitan

“We faced some bugs and interaction issues, but the Forward team was always there to help. Their support made a big difference.”

“Connecting wallets and processing payments was tricky at times, but the Forward team’s guidance helped us navigate these challenges successfully.”

Overall, the positive collaboration between participants and the Forward team played a crucial role in overcoming the obstacles and ensuring the successful development of high-quality dApp templates.

Forward is set for future enhancements

Forward’s mission is to democratize access to web3 technology, making it user-friendly and accessible to everyone. By organizing events like this, Forward is investing significant resources to foster innovation and collaboration within the web3 community. 

The hackathon had a substantial impact on the Forward Factory, leading to the creation of several high-quality templates and showcasing the platform’s potential to a wider audience.

Looking ahead, Forward plans to continue enhancing the Forward Factory with new features and updates. Future improvements will include Solana integration, more intuitive user interfaces, Forward Wallet, robust developer tools, and additional AI capabilities to further streamline the development and deployment process.

Join Forward’s journey

Forward invites developers and blockchain enthusiasts to join their upcoming events and become part of their innovative community. To learn more and to stay informed about future hackathons and initiatives, visit their website and follow them on social media.

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