Fortnite Introduces Voice Reporting Tool to Combat Toxic Behavior


  • Epic Games introduces voice reporting in Fortnite to tackle toxic behavior, allowing players to submit evidence of bullying through 5-minute voice chat recordings.
  • Players over 18 can control the tool’s settings, choosing “Always On” or “Off When Possible” in different game channels to balance privacy and reporting.
  • Industry-wide efforts against online toxicity are evident, with companies like Activision and Microsoft taking similar steps to create safer gaming environments.

Epic Games, the developer behind the immensely popular game Fortnite, has unveiled a new tool aimed at curbing toxic behavior within the gaming community. The introduction of voice reporting allows players to document instances of harassment and bullying through continuous voice chat recording. This feature comes as part of a broader industry trend to address online toxicity in gaming environments.

Continuous voice reporting for a safer gaming environment

Fortnite players, especially those under the age of 18, will now benefit from a voice reporting tool that records voice chats in 5-minute segments. This feature serves as a means for players to submit evidence to moderators when reporting instances of bullying and harassment. For younger players, this tool is automatically activated, reflecting Epic’s commitment to prioritizing the safety and well-being of its younger user base.

Players aged 18 and above will have a level of control over how the voice reporting tool is implemented. Within the game’s main settings, users can choose between “Always On” and “Off When Possible” options. The “Always On” setting applies the voice reporting tool to every channel the player is in, while the “Off When Possible” option allows users to disable it in Party Channels with friends, provided everyone’s preferences align.

Addressing privacy concerns with limited data retention

In response to potential privacy concerns, Epic Games has implemeted measures to address the storage and retention of audio clips. Audio clips will only be stored locally on the user’s device unless submitted as evidence. The company emphasizes that these clips will not be retained for an extended period. Each new recording triggers the deletion of the previous one, allowing only the immediate last five minutes of audio to be reportable.

Under normal circumstances, audio clips will be automatically deleted after 14 days or once appropriate action has been taken. However, the accused player’s appeal can extend this period for another 14 days. Epic Games assures users that it will retain an audio clip for as long as legally required in cases where the law mandates such retention.

Industry-wide efforts to combat harmful online behavior

Epic Games’ move to introduce voice reporting follows similar actions taken by other gaming industry giants, including Activision, Microsoft, and Sony. These companies have been actively working to combat harmful online behavior, with measures ranging from reporting tools to system updates aimed at fostering a more positive and respectful gaming environment.

Earlier this year, Xbox implemented a system allowing users to submit 60-second audio clips along with reports of abuse in voice chats. These collective efforts across the gaming industry underscore a shared commitment to creating spaces where players can engage in virtual worlds without fear of harassment or toxicity.

As online gaming continues to flourish, the responsibility of developers to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for players becomes increasingly crucial. Epic Games’ introduction of the voice reporting tool in Fortnite reflects a proactive stance in addressing toxic behavior within the gaming community. The combination of player-controlled settings and privacy-conscious data practices demonstrates a commitment to fostering a positive gaming experience while striking a balance between safety and user autonomy. This latest initiative further solidifies the gaming industry’s collective efforts to create a space where players of all ages can enjoy their favorite titles free from the negative impact of online harassment.

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