Former FTX Executive Joins Sino Global Capital Amid Crypto Industry Turmoil


  • Zhe “Constance” Wang, former FTX executive, has joined Sino Global Capital, a crypto venture capital firm, amidst the ongoing crypto crisis.
  • Wang’s appointment emphasizes the significance of experienced professionals in the industry and the importance of regulatory compliance and financial stability for sustainable growth.

In the midst of the ongoing crypto crisis, Zhe “Constance” Wang, a former executive at FTX, has found a new role at the crypto venture capital firm Sino Global Capital. Wang’s appointment comes following FTX’s bankruptcy filing and subsequent investigation into its operations. Her expertise and experience make her a valuable addition to the firm, which focuses on investing in promising crypto-related projects. While Wang moves forward with her career, other former FTX executives have also made notable moves, indicating a period of transition in the industry.

A Transition in Leadership: Wang’s Move to Sino Global Capital

Zhe “Constance” Wang, formerly a Chief Operating Officer and Co-CEO of FTX Digital Markets, has joined Sino Global Capital, a crypto venture capital firm founded by Matthew Graham in 2015. Wang’s responsibilities at FTX included overseeing global business expansion, token listings, and public relations and marketing efforts. Her move to Sino Global Capital reflects her continued interest and involvement in the crypto space. 

The firm, an early investor in FTX, had collaborated with the exchange on various initiatives, including a $200 million fund aimed at supporting FTX’s growth in the crypto industry. However, FTX’s bankruptcy filing had a significant impact on its operations and financial stability. Wang’s new role at Sino Global Capital signifies a fresh start for her in the crypto industry. Her experience and expertise gained from her executive positions at FTX make her a valuable asset to the venture capital firm. 

While Wang embarks on this new chapter, other former FTX executives have also made significant career moves. Amy Wu, who previously led FTX Ventures, recently joined Menlo Ventures, a well-established venture firm based in Silicon Valley. Additionally, Brett Harrison, the former President of FTX US, has founded a startup focusing on a GPT-4-powered trading algorithm code generator.

FTX’s Troubles and the Ripple Effect on the Crypto Community

FTX, once a prominent and widely-used platform for trading digital assets, filed for bankruptcy in November, leading to an investigation into its operations. The collapse of FTX had a profound impact on the crypto community, highlighting the challenges faced by crypto exchanges and emphasizing the importance of regulatory compliance and financial stability in the industry.

FTX founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, is currently under house arrest, awaiting trial after pleading not guilty to a range of charges. Prosecutors allege that Bankman-Fried misused customer deposits to finance risky investments and funnel money to American politicians. Several of Bankman-Fried’s former business partners have already pleaded guilty to various charges and are cooperating with investigators. The legal proceedings surrounding FTX’s collapse have created shockwaves throughout the crypto industry and underscored the need for transparency, accountability, and adherence to regulatory standards.

Lessons Learned and Future Prospects

The ongoing challenges faced by FTX and other crypto exchanges serve as a lesson for the industry, prompting a renewed focus on regulatory compliance and financial stability. Regulators around the world are scrutinizing the crypto industry, aiming to establish frameworks that balance innovation and investor protection.

As the industry evolves, crypto venture capital firms like Sino Global Capital play a crucial role in supporting and investing in promising crypto-related projects. With Zhe “Constance” Wang’s appointment, the firm gains a seasoned executive with deep knowledge of the crypto space, enhancing its ability to identify and nurture high-potential ventures.

While the crypto crisis has undoubtedly cast a shadow over the industry, it also presents an opportunity for introspection and growth. By addressing the shortcomings exposed by FTX’s collapse, the industry can build a more robust and resilient foundation. Increased transparency, regulatory compliance, and investor protection will be key to fostering trust and stability within the crypto ecosystem.


Zhe “Constance” Wang’s move to Sino Global Capital marks a new chapter in her career amidst the ongoing crypto crisis. Her appointment highlights the importance of experienced professionals in the industry and the pivotal role played by venture capital firms in supporting crypto-related projects. As the industry navigates through regulatory challenges and works towards greater stability, the lessons learned from FTX’s collapse will shape its future. Transparency, regulatory compliance, and investor protection will be vital elements in fostering trust and ensuring the sustainable growth of the crypto industry.

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