Former CTO creates Ripple based content platform; pays creators in XRP

Crypto startups are progressively looking at the content makers as a vital use case. The former Ripple Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Stefan Thomas has just founded a startup called Coil. This platform will help writers to earn XRP.

The closed beta initiated in the past year, approximately one thousand users have tested it by paying for their in-browser payments at a monthly cost of five dollars ($5).

Like Spotify, Coil also spontaneously remunerates the content makers in XRP grounded on use and the consumer enjoys subscription fee only.

The founder is of the view that the new blogging stage is collaborating with the digital wallet provider. The primary goal of the platform is to permit open entrée with tipping and payment choices for extra content.

He further added that the platform proved the choices of currency usage to its users. He hopes to try various payment methods to improve the system.

A writer at the platform gratefully told the media that he had earned 21 XRPs by using Coil and XRP tips. He added that he has spent XRP worth twenty dollars ($20) observing Spasm customers. The Coil has successfully enabled a circular economy in the XRP family.

The Coil is motivated to focus on the time spent on the page; it is the only apparatus that offers micropayments openly to the content creators.

In the past years, Brave a private web browser also presented a compensation program for the content makers including YouTubers, publishers, bloggers, etc. through BAT.

Later, a lightning blog Yalls also enabled 20,000 BTC bills in a few months. Similarly, ETH based platform is presently hosting approximately 50 blogs, providing creators ETH between fifty-five to three hundred and twenty-six dollars ($55 – $326) in a month.

But the real potential of Coil will be more evident after Interledger permits micropayment to sustain several currencies.