Food start-up offers ‘Digital Thali’ to clients

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• Ardor 2.1 creates Digital Thali and accepts Bitcoin as a means of payment.
• The restaurant in the city of Delhi offers discounts for payments in cryptos.

Trading with cryptocurrencies has boosted several business categories, including food in India. It was recently known that an Indian restaurant created its self-named crypto menu Digital Thali.

The Delhi-based restaurant has made headlines for launching its rates in cryptos. Ardor 2.1, the name of the Indian restaurant, feels that crypto payments are part of the future, so it is happy to accept Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other tokens.

Indian restaurant accepts Bitcoin as payment

Digital Thali

India is ranked number five among the top countries accepting cryptocurrencies. South Asia has had simple policies against cryptocurrencies, so they have not been regularized. With this free panorama in cryptocurrencies, India is the best country to trade in restaurants or other establishments.

Digital Thali focused on accepting cryptocurrencies to pay their dishes with contagious names to the surprise of many. United India Thali, Baahubali Thaali, and 56 Inch Thali; you can buy each dish with cryptocurrencies.

The menu also expands to dishes such as Bunny Burger, Polygon Pita, Ethereum Butter Chicken, and Bitcoin Tikka, one of the most requested orders. It’s quite a crypto feast that diners in Delhi can enjoy every day.

Digital Thali educates on crypto investments

The Digital Thali project educates crypto enthusiasts about the most popular tokens. Each saucer takes a crypto name that can be easily investigated to understand their involvement in decentralized commerce. For example, Polygon has been a Blockchain connection system linked to the Ethereum network, the second most commercialized token in the virtual market.

But Digital Thali shows the name of the Bunny platform and Solana, which would be the Blockchain network of competition for Ether. The restaurant also reveals the value of Bitcoin by launching its signature dish that, despite the price, many of its customers buy.

Digital Thali was a trend this Tuesday due to the publications of a YouTuber walking through the streets of Delhi. The influencer was captivated by the intelligence and imagination of the Ardor 2.1 owner, and she wanted to share it with her followers. According to the restaurant, her goal was to offer a unique virtual experience to her customers, and cryptocurrencies fit her plan.

The YouTuber clarifies that the virtual Thali saucers have a value of almost $30 or about 2,099 Indian Rupees. But vegan Thali has a cost of 1,999 Rupees or about $27. The restaurant also offers up to a 20 percent discount for users who pay in cryptos, although it still accepts payments in Rupees.

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