Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth to Feature Expansive World Exploration


  • Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth offers expansive exploration in familiar locations with enhanced detail.
  • Players enjoy freedom to roam and discover side quests, enriching the gaming experience.
  • While not fully open-world, Rebirth provides a rich, dynamic environment for immersive gameplay.

In the upcoming installment of the iconic Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, players can anticipate a significant departure from the linear structure of its predecessor, Final Fantasy 7 Remake. While not embracing a traditional open-world format, the game promises a wealth of exploration opportunities across its richly detailed environments.

One of the most notable enhancements in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth lies in its approach to exploration. Unlike the original 1997 version and the initial installment of the Remake trilogy, Rebirth offers players a more open and expansive world to traverse. Locations such as Costa del Sol, Kalm, and Junon have been substantially expanded, inviting players to immerse themselves in these iconic settings with newfound depth and detail.

Freedom to roam

Players will find themselves with greater autonomy as they navigate the world of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. The game allows for unrestricted movement within designated areas, granting players the freedom to explore at their own pace. Whether embarking on side quests, uncovering hidden treasures, or simply soaking in the atmosphere of each locale, players can expect a heightened sense of agency as they chart their own course through the game.

Dynamic environments and engaging side quests

In addition to its main storyline, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth boasts a plethora of dynamic environments and engaging side quests to captivate players. From bustling towns teeming with life to sprawling landscapes ripe for exploration, each area is brimming with opportunities for discovery and adventure. The game’s expansive world is further enriched by a diverse array of side quests, offering players the chance to delve deeper into the lore of Final Fantasy 7 and interact with a cast of memorable characters along the way.

While Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth may not adhere to the conventional definition of an open-world game, it offers a compelling blend of exploration, immersion, and freedom that sets it apart from its predecessors. With its expansive environments, dynamic landscapes, and wealth of side content, the game promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for fans both new and old. As players prepare to embark on this epic journey, they can look forward to a world ripe for exploration and adventure in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

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