Figure Secures $675 Million Funding from Tech Giants for Humanoid Robots


  • Sunnyvale-based Figure gets big bucks from tech giants like OpenAI, Jeff Bezos, and Nvidia to make human-like robots.
  • Figure partners with OpenAI to put smart AI brains into its humanoid robots, making them smarter and more human-like.
  • But, some experts doubt if humanoid robots can overcome tough challenges and win widespread acceptance.

Figure, a robotics startup based in Sunnyvale, has recently unveiled a significant milestone in its quest to transform the robotics sector. Securing an impressive $675 million in venture capital funding, the company has gained substantial backing from prominent tech titans such as OpenAI, Jeff Bezos, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Intel’s startup-funding arms. This substantial influx of investment highlights the increasing confidence and enthusiasm surrounding Figure’s mission to create and deploy robots with human-like capabilities.

The funding round signifies a significant milestone for Figure, which is less than two years old and has yet to introduce a commercial product. Despite this, the company’s ambitious goal of deploying billions of human-like robots in workplaces and homes has resonated strongly with influential backers in the tech industry. Figure’s CEO, Brett Adcock, has expressed optimism about humanoid robots’ potential to fill workforce gaps and cater to societal needs.

Figure collaboration with OpenAI for advanced AI integration

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing the capabilities of its humanoid robots, it has announced a partnership with OpenAI, the renowned developer of the ChatGPT AI model. This collaboration signifies a convergence of cutting-edge AI technology and robotics, with OpenAI set to integrate its advanced artificial intelligence systems into Figure’s robots. 

By leveraging OpenAI’s expertise in AI development, Figure aims to equip its robots with enhanced language processing and reasoning capabilities, paving the way for more natural human-robot interactions.

The partnership between Figure and OpenAI holds promise for unlocking new possibilities in robotics, particularly in everyday tasks and interactions. Peter Welinder, Vice President of Product and Partnerships at OpenAI, highlights the potential of this collaboration to revolutionize the role of robots in society. By combining Figure’s innovative robotics platform with OpenAI’s AI models, the partnership aims to push the boundaries of what humanoid robots can achieve in various environments.

Addressing challenges and skepticism in robotics

While Figure’s recent funding success and partnership with OpenAI signal a significant leap forward in robotics, challenges and skepticism persist within the industry. Robotics experts caution against the practical limitations and technical hurdles of developing humanoid robots. Despite their human-like appearance, these robots often struggle with mobility, agility, and overall functionality, posing widespread adoption and deployment challenges.

Whitney Rockley, co-founder and Managing Partner of McRock Capital acknowledges the appeal of humanoid robots but emphasizes the importance of practicality and technical feasibility. While humanoid robots may evoke emotions and spark conversations, Rockley remains cautious about their commercial viability in the short term. 

She highlights the long-term commitment required for humanoid solutions and underscores the need for realistic commercial deployment and application timelines.

As Figure continues to pioneer advancements in humanoid robotics with the support of major tech investors and partnerships, the future of robotics appears increasingly promising. The collaboration with OpenAI can accelerate innovation in AI-driven robotics and redefine the role of robots in society. 

With ongoing efforts to address technical challenges and skepticism, Figure remains committed to realizing its vision of deploying human-like robots to meet the evolving needs of workplaces and homes.

Figure’s recent funding milestone and collaboration with OpenAI mark significant strides in advancing humanoid robotics. While challenges and skepticism persist, the convergence of AI and robotics presents unprecedented opportunities for innovation and societal impact. As Figure navigates the path ahead, integrating advanced AI technology promises to unlock new possibilities and reshape the future of robotics.

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