Fearmonium: A Dark and Unique Metroidvania Experience


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  • Fearmonium is a dark Metroidvania game with psychological themes, exploring the mind of a character named Max as he confronts his phobias.
  • The game features hand-drawn visuals, challenging boss battles, and a unique narrative, but it faces control and map-related challenges.
  • Players must gain new abilities, engage in combat, and explore diverse areas to progress, making Fearmonium a distinctive gaming experience.

In the world of gaming, Fearmonium is making waves with its unique blend of suspense, humor, and a dark aesthetic. This Metroidvania-style game, featuring hand-drawn visuals and a psychologically charged narrative, has caught the attention of gamers and critics alike.

Fearmonium Narrative: a dive into the mind

Fearmonium dives into difficult subjects, offering a trigger warning to players. The story revolves around a character existing as an unpleasant memory in the mind of a young man named Max. Max’s encounter with clowns at a fair becomes the seed of a new phobia, and the game’s goal is to transform into Max’s ultimate fear, supplanting all other phobias. Players must explore Max’s inner world, assisted by a character named Lady Depression, who bathes in Max’s tears. It’s a dark narrative that explores psychological themes.

Presentation: dark and detailed

The game’s visuals are hand-drawn with meticulous frame-by-frame animation. While reminiscent of the style used in Cuphead, Fearmonium embraces darkness to match its theme. The game’s expansive map offers various areas to explore, each reflected in the design of the enemies encountered. Bosses are well-crafted, taking inspiration from Cuphead. The game’s audio complements the experience, with the sound of balloons popping and enemies being defeated, all fitting seamlessly into the game’s overall style.

Gameplay: a Metroidvania Adventure

Fearmonium follows the Metroidvania formula, beginning with a weak character who gains strength through exploration and combat. Players take control of a female character armed with a hammer, utilizing combo attacks, primarily triggered by hammering the X button. While some enemies prove to be challenging, most become manageable once their attack patterns are learned. As the game progresses, new combat abilities are acquired, such as ranged attacks and a dash maneuver that can be executed both on the ground and in the air.

Boss battles: a test of skill

Boss battles in Fearmonium provide a significant challenge. Players must unlock these arenas by finding scattered keys throughout the game. The game’s controls, however, introduce a slight delay between the player’s input and the character’s response. This delay can pose problems during critical moments, such as attacks or evasive maneuvers. The dodge mechanic is also unusual, with separate buttons assigned for dodging left and right, leading to potential control confusion.

Exploration: diverse and backtracking required

Exploration in Fearmonium adheres to the Metroidvania formula. New abilities gained throughout the game are crucial for accessing previously inaccessible areas. Backtracking becomes a necessity as players must revisit locations with newfound skills. The game introduces unique segments, including moments where the character must inflate with helium to float, navigate a minecart, or ride on the back of a giant crow. These diverse stages add variety to the gameplay. Puzzles, often involving moving boxes for platforming, also form part of the exploration.

Navigation and challenges

Despite its strengths, Fearmonium faces certain challenges. The game’s controls can make it unnecessarily difficult, and the map lacks clarity in distinguishing explored from unexplored areas. This becomes particularly problematic when attempting to recall which areas are accessible with new abilities. While NPCs offer hints for a price, their assistance may not always prove valuable.

In conclusion, Fearmonium offers a distinctive and engaging gaming experience with its dark aesthetic and psychological narrative. While it may have some control and map-related issues, its unique style sets it apart from the crowd. It may not revolutionize the gaming world, but for those seeking an unconventional and intriguing adventure, Fearmonium is worth a try.

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