FDIC updates official signs and rules to address misrepresentations


  • FDIC acts against crypto misrepresentation, boosting investor security.
  • 2025 brings new signage rules for FDIC-insured institutions.
  • FDIC responds to crypto industry challenges with regulatory updates.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has taken significant steps to update its official signs and advertising rules, marking the first major revision since 2006. 

This move comes as a response to concerns about false advertising, misrepresentations of deposit insurance coverage, and the misuse of the FDIC’s name and logo. While these regulations are not exclusive to the crypto industry, they are expected to impact how certain crypto firms operate and how the public perceives them.

FDIC boosts transparency and protects crypto investors

Beginning in 2025, institutions insured by the FDIC will be required to display a new black and navy blue sign on various platforms, including their websites, mobile apps, physical bank locations, and certain ATMs. 

This updated signage will replace the familiar gold and black sign that has been in use since the 1930s. This change aims to enhance clarity and transparency regarding deposit insurance coverage and deter potential misrepresentation.

Addressing misleading practices in the crypto industry

The FDIC’s decision to update its rules comes in response to growing concerns about the crypto industry. In recent years, there have been instances where crypto firms have misled investors into believing that their funds were FDIC-insured. 

Notable cases include Gemini Earn, FTX US, Voyager Digital, and others. The FDIC aims to strengthen regulations and prevent misconduct, offering investors and depositors more protection.

Dennis Kelleher, President and CEO of Better Markets, supported the FDIC’s actions, emphasizing the importance of addressing misleading practices within the crypto sector. 

This move by the FDIC reflects its commitment to ensuring the financial system’s integrity and protecting consumers from potential misrepresentations.

Recent challenges and concerns in the crypto Industry

The need for stricter regulations and clearer guidelines regarding FDIC insurance in the crypto industry has become increasingly apparent. 

In 2023, several banks associated with crypto firms faced various challenges, including collapse, closure by authorities, or voluntary liquidation. These events raised questions about the protection of user funds, especially in cases involving stablecoin issuers and venture capital firms.

One notable example was the closure of Signature Bank, which had ties to the crypto industry. Additionally, Silicon Valley Bank experienced a collapse in March, holding deposits from prominent entities such as stablecoin issued Circle and venture capital firm Sequoia Capital. 

These deposits were protected under the FDIC, with the typical insurance coverage extending to $250,000 per depositor.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau warned about payment apps facilitating crypto transactions in June. The warning highlighted that not these apps necessarily provide FDIC insurance coverage, potentially putting users’ funds at risk. 

This alert underscored the need for clear communication and transparency within the crypto ecosystem to ensure that users know the level of protection their funds may have.

FDIC’s stance on crypto activities

Due to their uncertain legal and regulatory status, the FDIC has characterized crypto activities as “novel and complex risks” to U.S. banks. 

This recognition reflects the evolving nature of the crypto industry and the challenges it poses to traditional financial institutions and regulatory bodies. As a result, the FDIC is actively working to adapt its rules and regulations to address these emerging risks.

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