Fast pitching Crypto Awareness the Dodger’s Way

This week a new landmark event took place. The Dodgers handed out their  Bobblehead Edition Ethereum wallets to 40,000 fans that came to attend the match between Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres.

Though these cards bear no physical resemblance to actual bobbleheads, they are rare, minted once and given out to the lucky 40,000 that came on Friday. These wallets contain a scratchable-key code that’s supposed to be a private key. It can either be entered manually or through the use of the QR code adjacent to it via the QR reader.

The cards are unique and offer individual identity to its holder. Each card can be transcribed as unique since a limited number of them were produced. The wallets are easy to merge with other crypto wallets. Transferring funds, allocating shares in different sectors and more – all can be done as with regular Ethereum wallets.

Security is not to be taken lightly; the Baseball website encourages users to take pride in showing off their bobblehead wallets – not the private key under the scratchable. This, clearly, is a flaw: not in the blockchain but in the way we take security for granted. Ignorance isn’t bliss.

Speaking of the Blockchain that binds it: When used at places where the paid version of the baseball token may be used, the following message appears :

“These unique collectables, though not playable in the MLB Crypto Baseball game, represent a monumental moment in sports and blockchain history as the first Crypto giveaway in major league sports.”

This, in fact, is true. With millions of Baseball fans attending the game and yet more of them watching the Dodgers play at home from their T.V screens have witnessed this worldwide crypto event that may well be the first step in making Ethereum a common household name.