Fake Rabby Wallet App drains users’ funds despite reports to Apple


  • Fake Rabby Wallet app causing substantial financial harm.
  • Apple’s app vetting process reveals recurring vulnerabilities.
  • Enhanced screening is crucial to safeguard users’ financial security.

A fraudulent version of the Rabby Wallet app has caused distress among users of the Apple App Store, with several individuals reporting significant financial losses. 

Despite multiple complaints and alerts, the malicious app remains available for download, highlighting concerns regarding Apple’s app vetting process.

Users Sound Alarm Over Fake Rabby Wallet App

The imposter app, masquerading as Rabby Wallet, was flagged by users, prompting the genuine Rabby Wallet team to confirm its illegitimacy. Disturbingly, the fake app, titled “Rabby Wallet & Crypto Solution” and purportedly developed by “Solution Development,” continues to be accessible on the App Store, even after four days of user complaints.

Reports from affected users paint a troubling picture of financial exploitation. One victim lamented a loss of approximately $5,000, while another claimed a 10% portfolio reduction, attributing it to the fake Rabby Wallet app. Additionally, an NFT collector disclosed a significant drain on their wallets, estimating a loss of nearly $40,000 in Ether.

Persistent threat despite prior incidents

This incident isn’t the first encounter with a fake Rabby Wallet app on the App Store. Similar instances occurred in October and December 2023, indicating a recurring vulnerability in Apple’s app verification mechanisms. 

The reoccurrence underscores the necessity for more stringent measures to safeguard users against such fraudulent apps.

Apple urged to strengthen app screening protocols

The persistence of the fake Rabby Wallet app raises questions about Apple’s effectiveness in curbing malicious software on its platform. Despite user reports and previous occurrences, the app remains accessible, leaving users susceptible to financial harm. 

Calls for enhanced app screening procedures have intensified, urging Apple to prioritize user safety and security

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