Exploring the Role of AI in Cinema: A Fresh Perspective on Synthetic Intelligence


  • Curates films offering a fresh take on AI, avoiding Hollywood clichés, and exploring nuanced societal impacts.
  • Movies like “Her” and “I, Robot” delve into human-AI relationships, sparking reflection on intimacy and setting rules for AI behavior.
  • “WALL-E” stands out as an all-time favorite, prompting viewers to ponder AI’s role in diminishing human autonomy and passive consumerism.

Movies have played a pivotal role in shaping public perceptions of artificial intelligence (AI), often veering toward dramatic and apocalyptic scenarios. An ethics fellow at the Alan Turing Institute shares a curated list of films that deviate from the clichéd narrative, offering a more nuanced view of AI’s role in society.

In the realm of AI-centric movies, Hollywood has frequently portrayed artificial intelligence as a menacing force with its own superintelligence, posing a threat to humanity. Underscores the need for a shift in representation, advocating for films that depict AI as an underlying system rather than a central character. Such an approach, while less sensational, aligns more closely with the realistic influence of AI on our lives.

In an attempt to steer clear of overused apocalyptic themes, it introduces a list of films that delve into AI’s role in society, our interactions with technology, and broader existential questions. These movies explore diverse facets of AI, from familial connections to ethical dilemmas, providing a refreshing departure from the standard blockbuster fare.

AI in unconventional narratives: A movie selection

Short Circuit (1986): This classic film portrays a robot coming to life through a lightning strike, emphasizing a naturalistic spark of life rather than the conventional engineering or coding narrative. Drawing parallels with contemporary language models, the robot learns about the world through TV shows and books, offering a unique perspective on AI’s educational potential.

Her (2013): In a futuristic exploration of human-AI relationships, “Her” delves into the concept of falling in love and notes the relevance of this theme today, with the rise of platforms offering online AI companions. The reciprocal nature of the relationship and the AI’s development of emotions raise thought-provoking questions about intimacy and the impact on human connections.

The Imitation Game (2014): This historical drama not only highlights Alan Turing’s crucial contributions to AI’s early development but also sheds light on the persecution he faced as a gay man. The film’s importance lies in recognizing historical injustices while providing a gripping portrayal of Turing’s accomplishments.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001): Focusing on themes of grief and loss, this beautifully crafted movie explores a family’s experience with a robotic child. The film prompts viewers to contemplate the ethical dilemmas surrounding emotional attachments to machines, offering a poignant counterpoint to action-packed AI blockbusters.

AI in family-friendly cinematics

Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005): Targeting a family audience, this film cleverly addresses surveillance capitalism, social media addiction, and their impact on young people. The storyline revolves around “B-bots,” highlighting the potential harm of technology while maintaining an engaging and enjoyable narrative for all ages.

Chappie (2015): A quirky and unconventional film, “Chappie” introduces viewers to Brian, an eccentric inventor, and his creation, a robot named Charles.  He appreciates the low-tech feel of the movie, emphasizing its unique charm and the lighthearted exploration of AI themes.

AI in thoughtful reflections and speculative adventures

Robot & Frank (2012): This film offers a gentle examination of AI’s role in companionship and care for older adults. The movie’s lighthearted approach to the ethical dilemma faced by the protagonist parallels the challenges of memory loss through Alzheimer’s disease.

I, Robot (2004), while acknowledging its blockbuster status, includes “I, Robot” for its exploration of the importance of setting rules for AI. The film raises pertinent questions about predicting and controlling AI behavior, resonating with current discussions on building safeguards into AI systems.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005): In a fantastical and surreal adventure, this film weaves themes of AI into its narrative, reflecting contemporary claims about AI’s quest for the ultimate answer. The film draws parallels between the aliens’ struggle to interpret the answer and humanity’s potential uncertainty in the face of profound AI revelations.

WALL-E’s thought-provoking reflections

Closing the curated list with an all-time favorite, “WALL-E” offers a poignant exploration of AI’s impact on autonomy and human existence. This underscores the film’s portrayal of a future where AI, controlled by big tech, transforms people into passive consumers, sparking contemplation on the role we want technology to play in our lives.

In essence, this selection of films, carefully curated, provides a diverse and nuanced perspective on AI, transcending the typical Hollywood tropes. These movies invite viewers to consider the multifaceted implications of AI in our lives, steering away from sensationalism and fostering a more thoughtful discourse on the intersection of technology and humanity.

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