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NFTs have exploded in 2021, as we’re all spending more time online and engaging with each other. NFTs are a new asset class that enables the creation of unique digital items that can be traded peer-to-peer. This allows for the trading of digital collectibles and ownership across multiple platforms.

These characteristics also mean that digital art, music, and video can be sold in a secure fashion without fear of them being copied or stolen.  

This is an exciting time in history – we are witnessing the birth of a new asset class and people want to own things that represent themselves online. The rise of influencers has made it easier than ever before for people to express themselves through their avatars and influence others with their creativity. 

People today want to tell stories no one else can tell – stories about where they have been, what they have done, who they know – these are some of the most popular content types online today because people love hearing about other people’s experiences. Blockchain technology provides us with the tools needed to create these kinds of goods in an uncopyable manner at scale.

What Are NFTs For Good?

NFTs aren’t just for selling pictures of rocks or screenshots of tweets – they can be used as a tool to do real good. An NFT for good gives holders the chance to support a cause or project in an impactful way.

Next Earth is the first NFT-based virtual replica of Earth, where users can buy “tiles” of land and water that correspond 1:1 with a real map of the planet. When this virtual property is purchased, whether it’s the White House or the Statue of Liberty, 10% of that transaction goes to a charity pool, contributing to Next Earth’s mission of doing good for the environment.

As Next Earth has sold over $1.3 million of virtual real estate in the world’s first ITO, or Initial Tile Offering, that means that over $130,000 of BUSD are now present in the charity pool, which will be allocated to environmental charities.

Next Earth NFTs Support Amazon Watch and The Ocean Cleanup

Next Earth fans are now voting on Discord for which environmental charity should be supported. The charity pool will be distributed between Amazon Watch and The Ocean Cleanup based on the number of votes.

In the world of NFTs, it’s not really about the money. It’s about sharing your passion and purpose with people around the world.

Imagine a future where we’re all working together to make our planet a better place. A future where every purchase you make online supports an organization that is working towards protecting our environment and preserving life on this planet. A future where we can all be inspired by meaningful causes, and come together to improve our world in meaningful ways.

That future is now.

Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch is a nonprofit that protects the rainforest and advances the rights of Indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin.

Rainforests are vital to maintaining the world’s fragile balance of life, and yet, the Amazon rainforest is at extreme risk, putting the future of our entire planet in danger. Global deforestation contributes 20-25% of greenhouse gas emissions, making deforestation a direct threat to human survival.

The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization working towards the largest ocean cleanup in history, aiming to clean up 90% of floating ocean plastic pollution.

Millions of tons of plastic enter our oceans every year, mainly from rivers, damaging our ecosystems, health, and economies.

Blockchain for Good

There are many other ways blockchain can be used for good.

For example, the Blockchain for Good forum highlights use-cases aimed at giving back and adding value, from improving ridesharing passenger trust to eliminating counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs to building more sustainable supply chains.

Ultimately, there are countless ways blockchain can be used for good, and if you’d like to be a part of it, you can join the Next Earth community to contribute to environmental initiatives via NFTs.

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